Rip Curl Women Take on Hawaii: EP.2.

The Rip Curl Women have been putting on a show this week.

Albee Layer – THE HITS SO FAR

Jaws single collection volume1 – Where do we go from here?

Blizzard surfing in Japan with Jamie O’Brien.

Jamie O’Brien having a blast in Japan.

Breaking: Billy Kemper – The wave of my life

Set your faces for stun as Kemper goes DEEP at Jaws.

People Of The Sea

Get kitted out with Typhoon kit worth £330, ‘People Of The Sea’ giveaway.

Weird Waves – Gaso-Line (Portugal)

Dylan Graves and friends get their wake on in Portugal. Ferry nuff…


Stan Norman, Will Masterman, Barnaby Cox, Max Hudson, Jo Morris and Max Michalewski loose in the juice, Portugal.

Generations – 82-50-18.

Three generations of a family, one passion, surfing, hit play.

Yago Dora: B-Side

Yago Dora and a film you gots to see.

Peso’s Point: Twinning with Asher Pacey

Viva Mexico, twin fin style master Asher Pacey sliding points over the Mexican border.



What does it take to surf monster waves, we had a chat with the UK and Ireland’s men who ride giants.

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Surf Hossegor

Surf Hossegor

A session that will remain etched in our memories for life, with Marc Lacomare and Jeremy Flores the bosses of the spot!

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Russ Bierke and Darcy Piper, a welcome flashback to last year and better days for the south coast OZ boys.

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The O’Riginals – Travis Potter

The O’Riginals – Travis Potter

For underground tube hound Travis Potter, his life has revolved around spending as much time off the grid (and under the lip) as possible. Check out the inspiring edit.

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