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The best thing about surfing is it opens up a new world of adventure

Indonesia Travel Guide

There are waves and good times awaiting wherever you decide to head. Check out our latest Indonesia Travel Guide for 15 of the best travel options.

Canaries Travel Guide

Photos: Courtesy Surf School Lanzarote HEAD SOUTH THIS WINTER FOR SUNSHINE, SURF AND SUBLIME SEAFOOD Escaping the Northern European winter is a wise idea at least once a season. Get yourself some welcome vitamin D, see some sunshine,...

france // spain travel guide

A road trip through our continental cousins backyards is a breeze. Summer is a perfect time for a French or Spanish quest and just a ferry ride away. Here’s a look at some of the options.

Portugal Travel Guide

Embraced by the locals and the authorities, surfing is big news in Portugal, it’s not the fringe thing it is here. Big name surfers are stars. Places like Nazare light up the world’s mainstream media when it gets going. But what is it like for a surf...

Stay In Cornwall’s Top 10 Surf Escapes

The North Coast is famed for incredible surf spots and whether you are an experienced pro or a total beginner, there is a location ideal for all abilities. Cornwall is no doubt one of the most popular locations to take to the waves. There are many popular surfing...

Summer Wetsuit Guide 2017

With summer fast approaching we present to you a plethora of suits that fit the bill and keep you looking cool while staying warm … so all you have to worry about are the waves.