Ozzie Wright has been keeping surfing punk rock for decades and this fresh RAW edit by Jimmy Jazz Kinnaird proves. Settle in for three minutes of Ozzie at his best, from boosting airs to pulling into barrels, to jumping off cliffs. This is as authentic of a edit as they come.

Sol Hawkins – Maldives…

Sol Hawkins – Maldives…


When did you go to the Maldives?
I went to the Maldives at the end of April for eight days with the Surf Solution’s crew.

Was it your first time there? If so, what blew your mind?
Yes, it was the first time I’d been to a tropical country, and my mind was blown from the minute I stepped off the plane. Stepping off the plane, you walk straight over to a dock where you’re greeted by a boat for your airport transfer; this was a first for me. Once you get over the excitement of getting to the accommodation, the thing that amazed me was the warmth and how clear the water was. This was my first time surfing in boardshorts which was crazy especially when you’re sharing the lineup with dolphins, sharks and hundreds of different fish!

Who was ripping on the trip?
Everybody was killing it all trip, but Jo Morris surfed stylishly with a range of different manoeuvres really standing out! Also, Sam Hearn smashed it every day surfing critically and consistently.

Did you see a lot of sea life? Any sharks?
Every break we surfed was covered with sea life we occasionally even found ourselves sharing waves with dolphins and turtles. We also saw a small reef shark swimming around at the break Chickens, felt like I was tripping being in such a fantastic environment, it took quite a while for everything to sink in.

How’s the camp at Cokes?
The surf camp at Cokes is absolutely insane you can tell it’s a camp run by surfers for surfers and the atmosphere is always banging. It’s set back about 100m from one of the best surf breaks in the area and stepping out of your room onto the Maldivian sand is a crazy aspect!

Who filmed the clips?
Joel Gray filmed all of the clips while Lewis Arnold got lots of epic photos.

Excellent choice of tune, you into old school rock?
I can appreciate a lot of different music for there own reasons, but Pink Floyd is an incredible band which I felt suited the edit.

What’s on for the next few months in Sol world?
Haven’t got anything planned for this summer but looking forward to lifeguarding on the beaches in Newquay through summer and can’t wait for Boardmasters going to be a mad one 🙌!
Peace Sol



There’s been a consistent run of surf in South Africa for the past two months. Autumn is generally pretty good, but winter is really the most exciting time of year.

Vol.3 is a collection of recent footage accumulated over the past month. Most of the clips were captured at my local haunts in the Western Cape. Enjoy.

Sunset Sons are back.

Sunset Sons are back.

Sunset Sons are back with a new single, new album and a sold out tour. Rory has had hair cut and Pete has been skating the legendary Southbank plus they are back to play what has to be the best Boardmasters lineup ever this summer!

Steve England caught with up Pete to find out what up.

1. How has the surf been down in the Hoss? Looked like an amazing winter, but kinda gone a bit pear shaped recently?
Hey guys, good to hear from yas again! Yeah, the surf has been consistent pretty much all winter – not too big, surfing out the front most days at Estagnots. Winter only lasted a few weeks and then back to Spring. It’s a great place to be when it’s like it was this year.

2. What you been up to since your last tour?
We’ve just had our heads down finishing off the last bits for the new album. It’s massive!!!

3. Where is Rory? Who is the new short haired singer in the band?
You’re only ever a month away from a bad haircut…maybe two in this case haha

4. So new tour, new single… excited? What can we expect?
Sold out tour, new single Say Hi out today, back to what we do best: being hungover, dragging our arses around the UK, smashing out banging shows. Expect that!!!

5. I saw the preview for ‘Say Hi’. Was that down the Southbank? Had Pete skated it before? It’s pretty iconic.
Nah, I’ve seen it but never been there with a board. Was a fun park and so glad they didn’t bulldoze it!! There was protests and stuff campaigning for it…I think it was gunna be developed into some corporate chain crap!! Such a win for the skate community.
You can donate here to help with upkeep and such.

6. Surf snow and skate lifestyle all feature in your vids… Are there any other themes?
Just trying to tell a story. ‘Say Hi’ is all about just doing what you do and not letting every man and his dog get ya down. Throwback to being a kid, just bombing around skating, not giving a shit about what’s next, where you are, where ya going, just doing it.

7. Anything else exciting happening this year that you can tell us about? I hear you are coming to Boardmasters? It’s cracking lineup this year maybe best ever!

Boardmasters!!! Mate, we’re playing the same f&@king day as Wu Tang Clan!!! Let’s grab a cider(s) there!!!
Problems’ and newly-released cut ‘Say Hi’ follow on from the band’s 2018 ‘The River’ EP and are the first taste of Sunset Sons’ forthcoming second album, the highly-anticipated successor to their UK Top 30 debut ‘Very Rarely Say Die’ which was produced by Jacquire King and James Lewis. The band’s debut saw them clock up considerable airplay across Radio 1 and Radio X and hefty tour mileage, playing headline shows at such venues as London’s Koko and Shepherd’s Bush Empire. 
24 June GLASGOW The Attic Bar (SOLD OUT)
26 June LONDON The Camden Assembly (SOLD OUT)
28 June TRURO The Old Bakery (SOLD OUT)