Chem Trails – France sessions 2018

There were peaks everywhere. Barrels. Ramps. Long walls and lots of sections. Once it started, it wouldn’t stop.

Toldeo, Pupo and Gouveia test the updated Cove with a new slab setting.

Plus everything you need to know about Wavegarden Bristol opening and wave from Nick Hounsfield.

Ruebyn Ash wins Welsh Pro

Ruebyn Ash wins Welsh Pro, presented by Gower College Swansea

2018 Quemao Class invite list announced

Conor Maguire from Ireland and Tom Lowe and Andrew Cotton are on this years invite list.

Waco Pool Test Results…

Brain-eating amoeba found on site.

Quik & Roxy Pro France

Quik and Roxy Pro wrap, highlights and results.


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