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To subscribe to Carve Surfing Magazine, call 01637 878074 or subscribe on-line here.


For information about advertising in Carve Surfing Magazine and SurfGirl Magazine, please request our media pack by emailing steve@orcasurf.co.uk

We accept freelance submissions (and yes we pay for freelance content as all real magazines do*). 
So if you think your words or photos match the level of the content in the mag then please send your recent:
  • Words as a Word/Pages/Text Edit file by email to carvesharpy at gmail dot com. Suggested length for colums 500 words and 1000-2500 words for feature pieces. Don’t go mad formatting as all formatting will be removed in the design process. 
  • Photos as low-res jpegs, 1000px wide at 72dpi, (no more than your best 20) to the Editor on carvesharpy at gmail dot com.
  • Please appreciate he can be a bit busy and doesn’t always reply, if you’ve got the gold he will be in touch.
  • Photo-wise, if we dig your low-res we will request the RAW files be submitted via wetransfer.com. Feel free to send reference jpegs for colour matching. We prefer RAW files so we don’t get any nasty surprises come print time. Please don’t send cropped images. Sure a slight crop can work but if you’ve cropped into a quarter of the frame it’s no use in magazine land. 
Submission tips:
  • Word-wise, humour is good, informative is good, anything considered if it’s entertaining. A UK/Ireland slant helps, but there are a lot of general topics in surfing also.
  • Photo-wise, fresh is best, don’t sit on shots for three months then send them in.
  • Label your shots in the following format: Location_RiderName_PhotogName.tiff etc, if you want to leave the original photo ID code on the end that’s obvs fine. No specific location necessary if it’s sensitive. The rider and your name most important so we’re not stressing.
  • Exclusivity, folks buy the mag because it’s got the sickest shots you don’t see online, so don’t blow a banger of a shot on the ‘Gram, if it’s a killer cover or spread worthy gem give us the option first. You can gram it to your heart’s content once published. Same end result but you got some green in your bank in the process, and cameras ain’t cheap.
  • Contests, the WSL World Tour events play out online, we don’t put them in the mag, haven’t for years. So don’t waste submitting WSL event photos. UK comps we will run online if the shots are complimentary.
  • Prints, now we know you cool kids dig analogue, we shot it exclusively for the first decade of the mag, so we know our stuff. Sadly prints are a pain production wise. So no matter what you’ve created on we prefer digital delivery. In essence, send hi-res scans. We haven’t got the time or gear to be scanning prints or slides.
  • If you want a shot at being reposted on our Instagram then hashtag your image with #carvemag or #carvemaglineup for, err, lineup shots.
  • We do eight mags a year. So that’s eight chances of getting run. We’re not going to lie and say it’s not competitive, but we’ve had two cover shots from first time submissions in the last year. You’ve just got to get the good stuff that’s as good as the guys killing it.
  • Be honest with your work, it can take years to be good enough to get published. Don’t obsess on tight action long lens, a sick line-up, or water shots have a better chance of getting run.
  • Respect is all, as with everything in life, don’t be a dick. Drones can be annoying, too many photogs are ruining certain spots, don’t blow shots same day as the swell. Avoid obvious landmarks. Be cool.
*We pay for everything in the mag apart from Reader Contest/IG page words/pics. Just so we clear ‘kay?
Good luck, we look forward to seeing your gear.

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