Ground Swell 

Ground Swell 

The logical thing, the sane thing, is to stay on land. But they paddle out. Why do these big wave surfers risk their lives to ride these mountain-sized waves? The answer is overcoming fear. “Ground Swell: The Other Side of Fear” is an in-depth look at the 2021-22 big wave season through the eyes of Nic Von Rupp, Kai Lenny, Matt Bromley, Torrey Meister and pioneering female surfer Bianca Valenti, along with special appearance by Vini dos Santos and maybe the 100 foot wave. They all push past their fear and find out what is on the other side as they tackle monstrous waves in locations from Nazare in Portugal, Jaws and Pipeline in Hawaii and Mavericks in Northern California.

London Premier: Fri, 16 Jun 2023 20:30 – 21:30 BST. There are a limited number of two for one tickets, so get them whilst they’re hot.

Phoenix Cinema London 52 High Road London N2 9PJ

Patagonia launches global campaign

Patagonia launches global campaign

European call for governments to end bottom trawling, starting with an immediate ban in marine protected areas and inshore zones.

Patagonia launches a global environmental campaign, focused on ocean protection and restoration. Through a series of films, website, petition, and events across Europe, Patagonia will mobilise individuals and call on governments to end bottom trawling, starting with an immediate ban in marine protected areas and inshore zones.

Campaign partners for Europe include NGOs Bloom, Blue Ventures, Client Earth, Environmental Justice Foundation, Oceana, and Seas At Risk.

Connecting us through food, culture and sport, our shared ocean is the home of amazing, abundant life, and is also a powerful climate solution. Yet the practice of bottom trawling threatens to destroy this precious resource—bulldozing our ocean floor, undermining small-scale fisheries, and deepening the climate crisis.

Bottom trawling is one of the most damaging practices that humans inflict on our oceans, destroying seabed ecosystems, overfishing, and indiscriminately killing everything from turtles and rays to sharks.

It has an enormous climate impact too. Dragging nets along the seabed uses more fuel and produces four times more emissions than other types of fishing. It disturbs carbon-absorbing sediment and eradicates the marine plants and animals that take in carbon from the atmosphere. Oceans absorb a quarter of all the carbon dioxide that we produce, yet the practice of bottom trawling threatens to destroy this precious resource. We must protect our ocean so it can protect us. 

In place of this destructive, industrial practice, Patagonia is using the campaign and films to promote regenerative alternatives such as 3D ocean seaweed farming and restoring seagrass. With small-scale, low impact fishers making up around half of Europe’s fishing workforce, often impacted by bottom trawling, it is also offering them a platform and calling for them to be supported in the necessary transition.

The campaign launches at a critical moment for Europe’s marine protection with an escalating biodiversity crisis and heated debate ensuing on Europe-wide initiatives such as the Nature Restoration Law and Ocean Action Plan.

The series of eight short documentary films will tell the stories of people around the world, from South Korea and Chilean Patagonia to Portugal and Wales, as they take matters into their own hands and show us how we can work with, not against, our ocean.

Films telling European restoration stories include:

• For the Love of the Sea – the story of Nikki Spill of The Seaweed Farmers who is partnering with Câr y Môr, the first community-owned regenerative ocean farm in Wales.

• Madre Mar focuses on marine biologist Raquel Gaspar and a group of local fisherwomen who are restoring the seagrass meadows of the Sado Estuary Natural Reserve in Portugal, against damage done by bottom trawling.

• The Custodians follows the work of four locals from the West Coast of Scotland, who are reclaiming their natural coastlines, restoring wildlife and creating sustainable industries.

The films will be touring Europe this summer, at a series of free events featuring expert panels, music and stories.

Beth Thoren, environmental action & initiatives director, EMEA, Patagonia, says: “Throughout my life, I have always felt connected to the ocean, from my early career as a ship engineer to, later, being a crew mate on a Sea Shepherd boat, fighting whale hunting in Antarctica. But I am not alone. Wherever we are, every second breath we take comes from the ocean. It is imperative that we protect this precious and fragile resource, so it can protect us.

“Our European leaders have the power in their hands to make lasting positive change by stopping bottom trawling and supporting a just transition to practices that restore the ocean. We’re asking ocean defenders everywhere, from surfers, swimmers and those who simply love to walk or paddle at the beach, to coastal communities and fishers, to link arms and send the message that we care.”

Learn more and sign the petition at

Dane Reynolds

Dane Reynolds

We suggest you stop everything and watch Dane Reynolds hack, punt and displace the ocean. Radical, experimental and progressive, enjoy.

Holy Shipstern  XXL

Holy Shipstern XXL

There’s a good reason why Shipstern Bluff is globally renowned as a big-wave surfing location, a mecca of madness. How anyone gets out of there in one piece is beyond us, full respect to all the riders and teams surfing these epic locations.

This latest edit from Tasmania, comes courtesy of MantisAlive Surfing’s YouTube channel, and features big-wave hell men including Russell Bierke, Danny Griffiths, Tyler Hollmer-Cross, Noah Hassett, James McKean, Kipp Caddy, and Alex Zawadzki.

Everything you need to know about shark ‘attacks’

Everything you need to know about shark ‘attacks’

The interactive shark ‘attack’ maps and stats created by are pretty remarkable. They have taken all the stats from the last 47 years and put them together in an easy readable format, breaking them down by area, type of shark, impact and whether it was provoked or unprovoked.

“There is zero proof that sharks hunt people and we know that humans are not part of sharks’ natural diets. Typically, when a shark attacks a human, the shark is either confused or curious.’ say the curators

‘Contrast the gentle nibbles and slow approach of the curious or confused shark with the hunting shark. A shark that is hunting approaches at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, attacks from below and knocks the hunted animal into the air.

‘On average, there are 100 unprovoked shark attacks reported worldwide in an average year. “

Some interesting facts include that most ‘attack’s occur on Saturday afternoons in July!

Least attacks happen at dawn on Thursday in February!

The USA has most incidents at 720 and most fatalities as a result 43 deaths. Australia has had 216 ‘attacks; in 47 years with 60 fatalities.

6% of attacks are provoked!

Each year, worldwide, there are approximately 10 deaths attributed to shark attacks (in comparison to 150 deaths worldwide caused by falling coconuts). Source

15% of 1000 Survey respondents said they would agree to be attacked by a shark for the cool story. *If they knew they would survive without long-term damage or ill effects.

Maurice Cole is heading back to the UK

Maurice Cole is heading back to the UK

Shaping legend Maurice Cole is heading back to the UK for the first time in 20 years!

He’ll be shaping out of the legendary @Cord_surfboards factory at Wheal Kitty, St Agnes, Cornwall and if you have an order booked in with him you’ll be able to come down and watch him do his magic on your board!

MC, France back the day. How classic is this shot?

There has been surfboard factory behind the cliffs in St Agnes since around 1986 when Chops Lascelles first set up shop there. In the early 90s he moved he operation down the road to a new purpose built premises Wheal Kitty workshops. As with the old factory it was a centre of surf community, both local and international. MC has visited many times in the past, so it’s great to see him back the historic bay.

If your interested in a custom Mc board email the man himself or get onto Cord surfboards > Cord Surfboards [email protected] , Tel: +44 (0) 1872 857020

Markie and Maurice will also be having beers and talking story on Friday the 9th from 4 pm. As you may know MC has many many classic tales so it will be hilarious and informative.

Free beer and surf stories, what more do you want!

The legendary shaping bay

Markie and mum Mary at Cord.

Curren x MC reverse vee. Just an all time shot by Servais.