Surfer Attacked By Shark

Surfer Attacked By Shark

Kai McKenzie, 23, from Bonny Hills, was in the surf at North Shore Beach in Port Macquarie when he was attacked about 11am on Tuesday. He saw the shark approach and was able to fight it off but suffered a severed right leg.

Clinging to life, he was able to catch a wave back to the beach. A retired police officer used his dog’s lead as a tourniquet to stem the bleeding before the victim could be airlifted to hospital.

Kai is currently in John Hunter Hospital where he has had surgery and is in a stable condition. As you can imagine, the upcoming medical expenses for his recovery and rehabilitation is something no one would ever be prepared for. The funds raised will go in assisting Kai in every aspect of his recovery.

Please dig deep for this family to assist with Kai’s recovery and rehabilitation. I am a neighbour of The McKenzie’s. They are a local family with hearts of gold that would never expect or ask anything of anybody, so let’s give back and show them that they have the communities support in this. – Lauren Mac 

Lauren Mac, friend and neighbour of Kai McKenzie, has launched a GoFundMe to support the surfer, hit the link below to help if you can. Our thoughts go out to kai, his friends and family and all those affected during this difficult time.

Photo: NSW Police

ATLAS | A surf movie by Bear Surfboards

ATLAS | A surf movie by Bear Surfboards

Surfing has improved the lives of many people in Morocco but unfortunately there are also some negative implications hidden in the shadow of world famous waves.

Surf tourism can be good or bad, depending on how it is handled. Atlas collects testimonies of people sharing very diverse views on the matter. All opinions will help to increase the awareness of those like us, surfers and travellers, who fell in love with Morocco.

Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang

Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang

It’s no secret that the Rip Curl Cup at Padang Padang is one of the greatest surfing events on the planet. It’s one month waiting period that guarantees the heaviest conditions, it’s mad, barreling waves, it’s spectacular setting in Bali, it’s unique format, it’s cultural values and it’s wild list of invitees makes sure of that.

The Rip Curl Cup is an event that is steeped in the all the tradition, anticipation and excitement that makes surfing the sport that it deserves to be. To participate is an ultimate challenge. To watch is an envious thrill. To present it is our honor. And here’s why. It is a frenzied, unpredictable, one day barrel fest in the finest wave Bali has to offer. And it will be brought to you live from the water, in the channel, enabling you to have a surfer’s eye view into the barrel as the surfers charge their way across the famed reef of Padang Padang.

The event also features a unique format that gives each surfer every chance to shine, while showing ultimate respect for the local culture by splitting the field of invitees between eight international surfers and eight locals. And with new blood like Noa Deane, Harry Bryant and Soli Bailey up against local hotshots like Dylan Wilcoxen, Manik Rudita and two time champion Mega Semadhi, this year is going to be more entertaining then ever. Especially when you consider that two other former champions and one veteran Pipeline Master have also thrown their hat in the ring. (These to be announced later).

It is also with great pride that we announce our inaugural Women’s division. A separate event all their own. Because female surfers around the world have proven that they belong in the heavy barrels of Padang Padang. Let us not forget that in the last event, fifteen year old wildcard Erin Brooks, competing against the men, made it to the final and held the first place position for the first half of the heat. In the end, her fourth place finish became a historic benchmark for professional female surfers globally. This year, Erin Brooks will lead the women’s field. And with competition like Sierra Kerr, big wave phenom Laura Enever and locals Kailani Johnson and Jasmine Studer, Erin is going to have her work cut out for her. (It is rumored that there will also be a certain eight-time World Champion in the mix, making this year a world class challenge not to miss).

The Rip Curl Cup also features a new, unique format for both divisions that works like this: Each surfer will surf in two non-elimination, four person, 40 minute heats. The surfer’s best two scores from either heat will be totaled. And the top four surfers with the highest scores will make up the final. This format ensures that the surfers will have the time and the waves to do their best without the restraints of the conventional man-on-man format.

And it all gets underway on July 27th at 4pm on the sands of Padang Padang with The Rip Curl Cup’s unrivaled opening ceremony. Designed to show respect for the local culture and the sacred venue itself, this opening ceremony has become an eagerly anticipated event year upon year. The gathering of the invitees, the revealing of the secret surfers, the announcing of the heat line-ups, the interactive press party and the packed house makes it one of the biggest beach parties of the year. Including the sounding of a giant gong that officially starts the month long waiting period of August 1st to the 31st, while at the same time, introducing the traditional Balinese Kecak Dance. A spectacle of fire, untamed movement and dynamic costume that tells a classic Balinese tale of good and evil. A performance that is considered a privileged blessing for the event and a positive portent of great things to come.

And that is just one of the traditional honours that is bestowed upon this event and one that makes this event so incomparable in the global surfing contest arena. Please join us for the Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang 2024 and be part of this celebration of the best surfing has to offer and the cultural recognition that defines it all.

The 2024 Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang will be webcast LIVE to the world at Fans can also visit the Rip Curl website to check the official event swell forecast, real-time contest status, and video updates from Bali.

Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang 2024 Event Schedule:

Trials Holding Period
June 15th – July 31st

Main Event Holding Period
August 1st – 31st

Opening Ceremony
Sunday, July 27th at 4 PM, Padang Padang Beach, Bali
Meet the invited athletes
Press conference
Traditional Balinese Kecak Dance performance

Official Rip Curl Cup Party
Friday, August 30th 5PM – Midnight.
Live performance by SKEGSS at The Bench

The Rip Curl Cup Padang Padang 2024 is presented by SAMUDERA INDONESIA
Sponsored by: Island Brewing, Dragon, Oakberry, BGS, and Biznet
Supported by: Kementerian Pariwisata dan Ekonomi Kreatif.

Bombs We Love – Teahupo’o

Bombs We Love – Teahupo’o

My third trip this year to Tahiti this season for what was the biggest swell of the year. And it did not disappoint, wait till you see the Kauli Vaast’s bomb. With Teahupo’o set to stage the Olympics, this big Thursday swell lived to up to all the hype and expectations. Both the tow and paddle a line-up was full of big names and energy.

Enjoy! – Tim Bonython



DESENSITISED, is my debut surf film. This documentary-style film follows my evolution from a fearless 13-year-old to a seasoned big-wave surfer. Centered around three iconic Australian breaks that have defined my career, it showcases my path into the world of big-wave surfing.

Thrown into the deep end as a young teen, gaining confidence with every wave. At 14, I took that confidence to one of the world’s most iconic surf spots in Australia, Shipstern Bluff. Normally, it’s an unwritten rule that you have to paddle the place before towing, but that first day, I was let off the hook as it was unpaddable, witnessing surfing legends like Marty Paradisis and Tyler Homer-Cross catching 20-foot waves. Fast forward a decade, and now find myself in a position chasing down those set waves.

DESENSITISED is a tribute to 10 years of trials, triumphs, and relentless dedication. Experience the highs and lows of my surf journey as I chase the ultimate ride and push myself to see what’s possible in the realm of big-wave surfing.

Of course, this is just the beginning. Follow along as I continue living The Search. – Kipp Caddy

Directed by: Kipp Caddy
Filmed: Cameron Staunton, Chris Bryan, Mark Bramley, Tim bonython
Edited: Cameron Staunton
Sound Design: Ahmed Natiq
Colour Grade: Tim Wreyford
Presented by: Rip Curl