The Southern Journal: Camino Abierto

The Southern Journal: Camino Abierto

In episode one, the crew travels 1,200 kilometers down the coast of Chile, surfing when they could and sleeping when darkness fell. With them they each took a board and a duffle, following the open road.

Surfers: Nicolas Undurraga & Chippi
Film Crew: Carlos Musalem, Pablo Jimenez, Xabier Azcarate Del Valle
Produced by: Bagual Films

Surf Until You Are 80? Learn From Gerry Lopez.

Surf Until You Are 80? Learn From Gerry Lopez.

Gerry Lopez, San Clemente, California, April 2024

There’s no mystery of time. We are constantly ageing amid the forces of nature, both internal and external. The pressures and stresses of surfing—forces, high impacts, torsion, compression, exposure, fear, anxiety—all conspire to put the body, physically and mentally, through its paces.

But there are those who are showing they are able to surf continuously at a high level as they age, despite their age. We are talking about surfers in their 70s and 80s, like Gerry Lopez, aka “Mr. Pipeline”, the icon whose influence on the sport of surfing is so immense they made a movie about it. Gerry credits his yoga practice with enabling him to surf at a level that would have been impossible without it.

Yoga has long been widely known to promote flexibility, build strength, improve balance and ultimately, increase longevity. What yoga has not necessarily been known for is extending the ability to participate, or even compete, in action sports that are inherently tough on the body, like surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. But many legends in these sports are well-aware of this. And now, younger athletes are discovering that among the multiple benefits of yoga is the ability to keep doing what they love at a higher level and for longer.

Daniel Lavilla, @DanielWavesYoga, yoga teacher and surfer, Cádiz Spain Photo:  @ivan_gon

“We all know the post-surf stretch feels amazing, but yoga offers way more than that…You’ll be more aware of your movements, which will improve your surfing technique, and your confidence. Yoga builds that so important mind-body connection that ripples through our entire lives, in and out of the water. It creates a more balanced, focused, and a calmed you –  both on the waves and to navigate life’s currents. Yoga and surfing just share a natural connection, a rhythm, a way of being present in the moment.” – Read more about Daniel and his surf and yoga story here.

Surf until you’re 80? Absolutely! And beyond.

Gear up with the right tools for the practice. One lucky surfer will take home a complete Manduka x Gerry Lopez kit. Full-length quick-drying towel, a packable travel mat, and for at home or studio practice, our PRO performance mat.

@DanielWavesYoga Photo: @watermartinez_

LA28 Won’t Include Para Surfing As New Sport

LA28 Won’t Include Para Surfing As New Sport

Mark Mono Stewart (Aus) At The 2023 Isa World Para Surfing Championship Photo: Sean Evans

The International Surfing Association (ISA) is disappointed to receive the news today that the Los Angeles 2028 Organising Committee (LA28) has decided not to propose Para Surfing for Paralympic Games inclusion as a new sport.

The ISA appreciates the consideration given by LA28 for Para Surfing and the opportunity provided to us to show the value of our sport on the Paralympic stage.

The ISA continues to strongly believe in the value of Para Surfing, the accomplishments of our Para Surfers and the growing universality and appeal of our sport.

We remain fully committed to the continued global growth and development of Para Surfing through the organization of the annual ISA World Para Surfing Championships, our specialized Para Surfing coaching and instructing programs as well as promoting Para Surfing to the widest possible audience.

The ISA looks forward to working with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) in continuing to advocate for Para Surfing’s inclusion in the 2032 Paralympic Games in Brisbane and beyond.

ISA President, Fernando Aguerre, said:

“We are, of course, disappointed in this news, but as surfers, when we miss a wave, we turn and paddle just as hard for the next one, and we will do the same now with the hope of seeing Para Surfing included in Brisbane in 2032.

“Para surfers are amazing athletes, full of hope and resilience in the face of life’s challenges. We take inspiration from their love of this sport, and reaffirm our commitment to them and to this sport. Just as was the case with Olympic surfing, we will continue to advocate and promote Para Surfing as being worthy of a place on the highest para-sport stage – the Paralympic Games.”

City Of Azaleas

City Of Azaleas

The City of Azaleas; A unique character of typical east Asian shade with western influences which lie atop a small island located somewhere in the Western Pacific.

We’re 100 miles off the mainland of China, where Mad Max-esque factories sit between dense jungle covered mountains leading to hot springs and some of the finest Asian cuisine the world has to offer. Following whispers of an untouched coastline with pristine turquoise waters and empty point breaks, we set our sights on this remote corner for Db journey’s annual luggage R&D trip feat. Craig Anderson and Kaito Ohashi – Welcome to Taiwan.

El Paraiso

El Paraiso

The Championship Tour headed for the high-performance gem of El Salvador’s Punta Roca. A long, powerful, cobblestone point break that is one of Central America’s top waves to push progression amongst the world’s best. A perfect venue that added fire to the race for the WSL Finals as stop No. 7 got underway.

Rip Curl Grom Search / Fistral beach

Rip Curl Grom Search / Fistral beach

It’s ON – Rip Curl Grom Search at Fistral beach in Newquay promises to be an exciting stop on the Europe Rip Curl calendar.

We are thrilled to be able to call the event ON, taking place across the dates of Saturday 15th – Sunday 16th June in Newquay. Due to a powerful six foot swell showing on the surf charts, the contest beach location is subject to change to a more sheltered Newquay beach on one or both days of competition! For real-time updates, please join our WhatsApp group HERE

We extend a warm welcome to the UK’S finest Junior (Grom) shortboarders. Divisions running are Under 12 boys and girls, Under 14 boys and girls, and Under 16 boys and girls.

What is the Rip Curl GromSearch?
For the 2024 edition, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese Groms will go through their National event to qualify for the European Final. Location for the final TBC.
The Rip Curl GromSearch series started as a one-day surfing event at Victoria’s Jan Juc beach in 1999 and has developed to a worldwide series of events designed specifically for the 16 years and under surfer, commonly termed ‘Grommets’.

The series is designed to provide fun events for groms to enjoy themselves and meet crew from around the country, whilst developing their competitive game. As athletes progress to finals the elite level of competition comes into play, with many previous GromSearch competitors going on to the WSL world tour.

Men’s World Surf League athletes that were former GromSearch finalists include: Gabriel Medina, Owen Wright, Italo Ferreira, Jordy Smith, Kolohe Andino, Filipe Toledo, Kanoa Igarashi, Ryan Callinan, Leonardo Fioravanti, Connor O’Leary & Morgan Cibilic. (Note that 4 of the top 5 surfers in the 2021 WSL Finals are all former GromSearch finalists, as well as 20 of the 34 athletes on the men’s WT)

Women’s WSL athletes – Tyler Wright, Carissa Moore, Steph Gilmore, Sally Fitgibbons, Malia Manuel, Nikki Van Dijk, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Bronte McCaulay, Caroline Marks, Macy Callaghan, Brisa Hennessy, Isabella Nichols.

GromSearch competitors have won the last 13 World Surf League women’s World Titles & compile 12 of the current 18 athletes on the women’s WT.

All age divisions will be represented at the GromSearch European final.

All the event winners will qualify for the European final.

The under-16, under 14 and under 12 male and female surfers from the countries where the GS will not take place in 2024 will have a chance to score a wildcard entry to the European Final somewhere in 2024.

Rip Curl European Gromsearch online wildcards up for Grabs
Rip Curl will be awarding lucky surfers from the European countries where the Rip Curl Gromsearch didn’t take place in 2024 the chance to score a Wildcard entry to the European Final somewhere in September 2024. So how do you score a Wildcard spot? Rip Curl is welcoming the return of #GromSearchOnline. This online event will allow you to submit your greatest surf clips via Instagram.

A panel of former GromSearch finalists, now professional Rip Curl athletes, will judge and decide on winners based on their favourite clips.

Who will be the judges of the Final contest?
Former GromSearch Finalists, now Rip Curl professional athletes: – Alys Barton (UK) – Kyllian Guerin (France)

Here’s What You Need To Do To Enter:
1 – Post your best surf clips on Instagram with the hashtag #GromSearchOnline.
2 – Tag @ripcurl with your name, age division and location.
3 – You can enter as many times as you like.
4 – Entries are open until the 15th of July 2024

If you are a Wildcard winner: one wildcard per age division. Each wildcard chosen gets to compete at the Rip Curl GromSearch European Final Somewhere in Fall.