Surf Until You Are 80? Learn From Gerry Lopez.

Surf Until You Are 80? Learn From Gerry Lopez.

Gerry Lopez, San Clemente, California, April 2024

There’s no mystery of time. We are constantly ageing amid the forces of nature, both internal and external. The pressures and stresses of surfing—forces, high impacts, torsion, compression, exposure, fear, anxiety—all conspire to put the body, physically and mentally, through its paces.

But there are those who are showing they are able to surf continuously at a high level as they age, despite their age. We are talking about surfers in their 70s and 80s, like Gerry Lopez, aka “Mr. Pipeline”, the icon whose influence on the sport of surfing is so immense they made a movie about it. Gerry credits his yoga practice with enabling him to surf at a level that would have been impossible without it.

Yoga has long been widely known to promote flexibility, build strength, improve balance and ultimately, increase longevity. What yoga has not necessarily been known for is extending the ability to participate, or even compete, in action sports that are inherently tough on the body, like surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding. But many legends in these sports are well-aware of this. And now, younger athletes are discovering that among the multiple benefits of yoga is the ability to keep doing what they love at a higher level and for longer.

Daniel Lavilla, @DanielWavesYoga, yoga teacher and surfer, Cádiz Spain Photo:  @ivan_gon

“We all know the post-surf stretch feels amazing, but yoga offers way more than that…You’ll be more aware of your movements, which will improve your surfing technique, and your confidence. Yoga builds that so important mind-body connection that ripples through our entire lives, in and out of the water. It creates a more balanced, focused, and a calmed you –  both on the waves and to navigate life’s currents. Yoga and surfing just share a natural connection, a rhythm, a way of being present in the moment.” – Read more about Daniel and his surf and yoga story here.

Surf until you’re 80? Absolutely! And beyond.

Gear up with the right tools for the practice. One lucky surfer will take home a complete Manduka x Gerry Lopez kit. Full-length quick-drying towel, a packable travel mat, and for at home or studio practice, our PRO performance mat.

@DanielWavesYoga Photo: @watermartinez_

Sri Lanka: Surf, Culture & Community

Sri Lanka: Surf, Culture & Community

Global Surf Lodge Kabalana delivers an all inclusive retreat that will provide you with a seamless surf experience from the moment you arrive. The 12 chalets, designed to feel like a quaint village are nestled just off the sun kissed shores of Kabalana in Southern Sri Lanka. Every day is filled with waves, good company and the magic of local coastal communities.

The Location:

Sri Lanka, often called the teardrop of the Indian Ocean, is a surfer’s paradise with its diverse landscapes, vibrant culture, and incredible surf spots.

In Kabalana Lodge, you’ll wake up to the sound of the ocean, which offers year-round swell and surf. The main season in the South runs from November to April, when the waters are at their clearest and the waves are consistently good.

Due to the convenient location, Global Surf are able to offer excursions that showcase the island’s rich cultural and natural heritage. Beyond the waves, guests can immerse themselves in the beauty of Sri Lanka’s ancient temples, verdant tea plantations, and the thrill of nature on safaris.

The Food & Accommodation:

Global Surf Lodge Kabalana is designed to be a home away from home for surfers and travellers, combining modern comfort with the charm of Sri Lankan culture. The lodge is designed as a village of 12 chalets, which features spacious rooms with air conditioning, private open-air bathrooms, and serene views – ensuring a restful recovery after a day out in the water.

There’s a variety of room options, from private suites for those seeking solitude to communal rooms where guests can mingle and meet likeminded people. Communal areas are thoughtfully designed and daily shared dinners take place under the stars.

You will be nourished with an all-inclusive spread spiced with the flavours of Sri Lanka and beyond. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included with a number of different options to choose from.

The Surf:

Kabalana itself is famous for the “A-Frame” spot aka “The Rock” a peak that offers both left and right breaks, ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers, while nearby spots offer gentler waves for beginners. These guys also know a few secret spots too.

The team at Global Surf are passionate about taking your surfing to the next level, ensuring that your knowledge and understanding is taken beyond the waves. They set themselves apart with a number of theoretical sessions and individual feedback. There’s also different packages to choose from to suit your personal ability and progression. From newcomers to riding waves right through to advanced surfers looking to refine techniques.

All surfing sessions are guided by a professional team of ISA Certified coaches. From the famed A-Frame that provides both left and right breaks to the hidden gems that promise uncrowded waves, the Global Surf experience is tailored to you.

A Week in Heaven: 

The Global Surf Lodge Kabalana offers a 7 day all-inclusive package designed to provide a hassle free experience. The package includes a weekly stay at the lodge, complete with daily breakfasts and dinners. Each guest will participate in guided surfing lessons, at three different levels, complemented by theoretical sessions and video analysis. These guys make sure you make the most of the consistent waves.

During the seven days there’s the opportunity to experience a Global Surf wellness day. Guiding you through breath work sessions, ice baths, yoga and meditation as well as your daily surf opportunity.

What is included in a week long stay?

  • Daily breakfasts and select dinners to keep you fuelled.
  • 5 sessions each of guided surfing and theory lessons, suitable for all levels.
  • A dedicated day to capturing your surfing action on camera
  • Personal feedback sessions to help improve your technique.
  • An excursion to explore the local culture or natural beauty.
  • A full day’s adventure to a standout surf spot.
  • Unlimited access to our surfing equipment and lodge amenities.
  • Complimentary water and local coffee to keep you refreshed 

To hang out with the Global Surf Team head here to book:

Wild & Free Adventures

Wild & Free Adventures

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Wild & Free Adventures

Embark on adventures that nourish your soul and invigorate your spirit!

At Wild & Free Adventures, discover a holistic combination of luxurious surf destinations, small- group retreats, compassionate hosts, wellbeing, adventure and a welcoming community of like-minded souls who love the ocean. The perfect getaway for solo travellers or friends in search of a retreat experience and a whole lot of fun.

Wild & Free was born from two people’s passion for surf and yoga and the balance and freedom each one offers mind, body and soul. Operating in small groups only, Wild & Free Adventures want to share the adventure of life with others and offer retreats that allow people to switch off, unwind and reconnect with their sense of adventure. As well as explore the world and beautiful oceans.

Photo: Magic Quiver

Owners Amanda and Joe host you throughout the retreats and come along on the journey with you, sharing their love of the ocean and passion for surfing and travelling. Amanda as a qualified yoga teacher and Joe as a qualified surf instructor are supportive and professional hosts and teachers.  They even host a retreat with Alan Stokes, one of Europe’s best professional surfers and three time British Champion.

Wild & Free Adventures works to create a relaxed and fun environment in some of the best surf destinations around the world. Wild & Free Adventures also strives to be planet positive and as eco, earth & ocean friendly as possible. Something we’re all keen to encourage right? These guys take extra time to curate experiences with destinations, venues and catering that is as kind as possible to the planet.

The retreats are tailored for both the novice heading out to face the waves for the first time and also the seasoned surfer seeking to take on every section of the wave. So, whether you’re stepping into the sea and onto a surfboard for the first time or riding waves with a seasoned grace, Wild & Free retreats and adventures will embrace you. Inclusivity is their ethos, weaving the joys of surfing, yoga and adventure into a tapestry that welcomes all. Dedicated coaches, chosen with care, will share their wealth of water experience and techniques to ensure you’re catching your most memorable waves in magic destinations, like Morocco, Portugal and Sri Lanka to name a few!

Cold Water and Breathwork
Keeping in touch with moving wellness trends, Wild & Free Adventures embrace the cold water where they can. The team will offer you all the tips and tools you will need to delve deeper into the benefits of cold water and the power of integrating breath. Amanda will support and guide you through these sessions so you leave feeling empowered and invigorated.

Photo: @gwilym_thomas

The practice of yoga and demands of surfing have a symbiotic relationship. Amanda and Joe work tirelessly to ensure that these practices are accessible for everyone attending Wild & Free offerings. Amanda, a highly experienced yoga instructor will guide you through practices that support your strength, flexibility and wellbeing, whilst being mindful of more gentle practices to promote positive mental health.

Food and Accommodation
All accommodation is carefully selected, with handpicked ocean-front luxury and in unique locations. From tree houses in Costa Rica to luxury yurts in Cornwall, both immersed in nature and a stones throw from the ocean. Villas and surf lodges with sea views, swimming pools, indoor and outdoor dining areas and epic relaxation spaces.

Nutrition is a key part of Wild & Free Adventures, ensuring that the food served helps maintain your energy levels and nourishes you from the inside out. These guys always use the best private chefs to cater to all your nutritional requirements, using local ingredients and freshly prepared on site.

Head to their website HERE to check out all upcoming retreats and adventures.