france // spain travel guide

A road trip through our continental cousins backyards is a breeze. Summer is a perfect time for a French or Spanish quest and just a ferry ride away. Here’s a look at some of the options.

Portugal Travel Guide

Embraced by the locals and the authorities, surfing is big news in Portugal, it’s not the fringe thing it is here. Big name surfers are stars. Places like Nazare light up the world’s mainstream media when it gets going. But what is it like for a surf trip?

Stay In Cornwall’s Top 10 Surf Escapes

The North Coast is famed for incredible surf spots and whether you are an experienced pro or a total beginner, there is a location ideal for all abilities. Cornwall is no doubt one of the most popular locations to take to the waves. There are many popular surfing...

Summer Wetsuit Guide 2017

With summer fast approaching we present to you a plethora of suits that fit the bill and keep you looking cool while staying warm … so all you have to worry about are the waves.

Costa Rica Travel Guide

Costa Rica is one of the few Central American nations that hasn’t got a blood soaked history of civil wars, guerrilla fighting, CIA-inspired coups and crazed despot dictators. There are no commie insurgencies or private armies here. Which in layman’s terms means it’s safe.

Carve Gift Guide 2016

Christmas is coming and it will be here before you know it. Put the Carve Christmas Gift Guide in front of your mum/girlfriend/gran and get the present you deserve!


Whatever the mix at the back of your board, be it 1 or 5 or anything in between, the fins make a big difference to how your sled handles. Different fins can rejuvenate a board you’re not getting on with or make one you love go better in different conditions. Here are some of the best.

Carve Surfboard Guide 2016

As board design goes deeper into the realms of CAD and fluid dynamics choosing a board becomes a beautiful, yet complex, decision. Just what is going on out there, how do you solve the problem of finding the perfect board for your surfing. We asked some the world’s...

Carve Boardshorts Guide 2016

Summer’s nearly here, that time when we can swap jeans and hopefully, if we’re really lucky, neoprene for a lightweight alternative. Boardshorts tick everyone’s box, they’re great for hanging out in and you never know if may even be warm enough to wear them in the sea...

The Carve Summer Wetsuit Guide

As the days get longer and the water warms up, it’s time to think about thinner rubber. In an age of internet sales spiel dominating ‘search’ pages, it’s often difficult to find what you are looking for and keep up with the latest trends. So we have rounded up the...