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Travel is good for the soul. Sure long-haul isn’t doing you any favours when it comes to your contract with the planet to be a good citizen, but you recycle and do everything you can in all other aspects of your life right? Plant a tree or two when you get back.

Everyone needs at least one holiday a year after all, and in a lot of the poorer parts of the world, your tourist dollars are helping folks on the bottom rung get a leg up. If we all stop travelling the world will be a poorer place for it. If you’re just doing the one big trip a year then might as well make it a good one. There comes a time in life when you don’t want the bare bones cheapest option. You seek comfort, a higher end experience, and that much needed calm of relaxation. The crew on the next few spreads have got your covered when it comes to surfing in style. Don’t forget to tell them we sent you.

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Costa Rica


El Salvador


Mentawai Islands




Sri Lanka