Imagine if you could somehow fuse an apartment and a rental car when you’re on holiday and take your bed, kitchen and boards with you wherever you fancy going.

Luckily we don’t need to wait for science to catch up as this mad concept is a reality now. Yes, reader, you read that right, the camper van exists, and you can rent them as the perfect surf mobile pretty much anywhere in the world where the roads are decent.

We all dream of the classic European surf van trip; there’s a big difference between doing it in a Transit with you and your feral mates and gear piled in the back. A proper camper van is a thing of wonder. Cook, sleep and chill in comfort. Hell, you can even have your own bathroom in the bigger ones. In short, a camper is a hell of a way to go on a surf holiday. You never miss the early, you’re there for the evening session and post-session you can pop your cold beverage of choice from the fridge and chill out. Knowing you can cook your dinner, and sleep right there without mucking about with traffic and parking issues. Have you got the idea we’re a fan of campers? You’d be right. Decent ones cost a pretty penny so for most of us, renting one is the best way forward.

Here’s a bunch of operators that can help you rock your #vanlife dreams.
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