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If you’re looking for new adventures this winter or in need of a dose of sunshine and warmer waters, there are tonnes of consistent waves in exotic and far-flung corners of the world waiting for you and a few nearer to home too.
From the warm waters of Central America, Indo and Oceania to the increasingly popular cold water surf trips, there are plenty of options for all budgets and surf abilities. Get a room and explore on your own or join a camp for a stress-free trip and to meet and surf with like-minded people. To help you plan we have rounded up the best travel options from a variety of global locations, so if you are ready to get away then read on…

Warm water options:
There’s endless surf potential in Europe where you can capitalise on the big winter swell, cheaper flights and less jet-lag or go further afield and you will be rewarded with a good dose of Vitamin D, warm seas, cultural experiences and clean waves. Grab your board and suncream and get booking your tropical escape.


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Cold water options:
From Alaska to Norway, fill your stoke for surf adventures with a difference. Try these cold water specialists below and help make your cold water surf trip more adventurous and enjoyable.

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