Alaska Surf Guides
Location: Alaska

At Alaska Surf Guides we offer 1-3 day Heli-Surfing and Bush Plane Surf Exploration trips from Seward, Alaska. Located between two majestic ice fields, surrounded by rugged mountains and sheltered from the fierce weather of Alaska’s Pacific Gulf.
Our Heli-Surfing Trip combines the thrilling experience of helicopter flight-seeing while offering unmatched access to remote surf breaks. Seward is a sightseer’s dream and the helicopter increases the amount of wildlife, glaciers and surf breaks that you can experience. Cold-water wetsuits and a diverse quiver of boards available.
For the Bush Plane Surf Exploration, our “overnighter” and “double overnighter” trips are an incredible opportunity to escape the crowds and experience Alaska’s remote surf breaks and captivating wildlife. Fully outfitted camping trip, with meals and top of the line equipment included.
We’re stoked to offer this unique Alaskan surf experience to surfers and adventurers from all around the globe.
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