7 Seas Collection
Everything you need in a wetsuit, nothing you don’t. Based on the premise of less is more, Vissla has stripped away the irrelevant knick-knacks and designed a suit that does exactly what it’s supposed to do: provide warmth, flexibility and performance in the ocean. Perks: Super stretch limestone-based neoprene, sealed seams, with NEW Thermal Fever Fiber lining with more stretch insulates heat and dries incredibly fast, a tailored fit and a minimal bulk chest-zip closure system provides for a top of the line wetsuit at an affordable price. Additionally, dope-dyed yarn from Bluesign approved mills allows for a softer, anti-fade material that serves as an eco-friendly approach to neoprene.
RRP: 4/3mm chest zip £269, 4/3mm hooded £339

7 Seas Comp Collection
Vissla’s most flexible 7 Seas Fullsuit. A high performance surfing suit at a great price with the least restriction possible. Less interior tape = More stretch. Chest-zip entry, minimal bulk with contoured water tight design. 100% Super stretch Japanese limestone based neoprene – lighter, warmer, softer, stretchier, easier to put on and take off, and allows for more freedom of movement. Thermal lining insulates heat and dries fast. Dope Dyed Fabric- A softer, eco-friendly, anti-fade made by Bluesign approved mills. AquaA eco-friendly water-based lamination is completely solvent free with no harmful chemicals.
RRP: 4/3mm chest zip £245

High Seas Collection
Redesigned for 2021 with less panels to create more stretch, comfort and warmth. Vissla’s highest performance High Seas wetsuit made with Ridiculous Rubber! Matching unparalleled flexibility with cozy warmth. Perks: The new high-performance focused High Seas wetsuit features 100% I-Foam neoprene with unparalleled flexibility and warmth. Made from Dope dyed fabric from Bluesign approved mills, the High Seas features a softer, anti-fade, stretch jersey material which serves as a more eco-friendly approach to neoprene. NEW Thermal Fever Fiber lining with more stretch insulates heat and dries fast. Available in chest zip and no zip, minimizing bulk and maximizing its water-tight capabilities.
RRP: 5/4mm hooded chest zip £375


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