Lobotomy, Volcom Full Film.

Lobotomy, Volcom Full Film.

In a frothing departure from travel scenics, lifestyle and “athlete” interviews, LOBOTOMY plunges headlong into a relentless visual assault of surf and only surf action set entirely to the ear-bending music of Frankie and the Witch Fingers—A nonstop cinematic climax that ought to leave surf fanatics in a puddle of drool and other matter both real and imagined.

Win a Volcom Tee For You And A Mate

Volcom’s latest collection Noise, Noise, Noise is a collaboration with surf prodigy Noa Deane to tie in with his cinematic surf movie Head Noise.

For Noa the ocean is liberation in life and Head Noise is taking to the ocean to escape the chaos in the streets, beating the noise out of your head by going faster and higher. From Australia to Hawaii to Indonesia, the film follows Noa to his favourite surf spots for some high-action, heavy-charging, avant-garde surfing, captured through the lens of filmmaker Mikey Mallalieu.

To tie in with the film, the Noise Noise Noise collection reflects Noa’s vision to make sense of the noise within his own head and destroy the noise of the stereotype which surrounds him.

“Have you ever been woken up in the middle of the night with loud noises blasting in your head? Sort of like changing the TV to channel zero and the snow sound is blaring! That’s head noise! This collection was built off the idea of shifting your head and making something different.” – Noa Deane

Get a piece of the Noise Noise Noise action: Volcom are giving away 10 t-shirts from the collection – that’s five winners who’ll receive two t-shirts each. To enter, click below and follow the three simple steps on Instagram.

A winner will be drawn at 10am on Thursday 22nd November and will be contacted via direct message on Instagram. Good luck!

True To This: Miguel Tudela

Peru, the South American country home to the beautiful Amazon rainforest and Machu Picchu (set high in the Andes Mountains), is also home to the 21-year old high-flying Peruvian surfer Miguel Tudela. Miguel has been making a name for himself by being the guy who can surf 2 foot mushy shorebreak just as good as 20 foot heavy Waimea. We’ve seen him charge Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu in heavy conditions, and prove his shredability in smaller waves, but now Miguel is putting sheer focus and determination into his true passion: big wave surfing.

Carve Boardshorts Guide 2016

Boardshort Guide

Summer’s nearly here, that time when we can swap jeans and hopefully, if we’re really lucky, neoprene for a lightweight alternative. Boardshorts tick everyone’s box, they’re great for hanging out in and you never know if may even be warm enough to wear them in the sea this summer. This season brings a huge range of retro inspired designs combined with cutting edge technology. So  jump in and discover what’s on offer!



Welcome to Water

Welcome to the liberation of Volcom Boardshorts. Refined by their history, defined by their future.

With over two decades of testing and fine-tuning, Volcom have created a new category of boardshorts balanced in function and style for everything aquatically epic. From the performance-driven Mod Tech series, to the all-inclusive, water-hungry Slingers, the innovation and unique signature details that represent the True To This movement. Volcom Boardshorts are for the visionaries, the free-thinkers, the doers. Welcome To Water.
Welcome To Water is the anticipation, the urgency, the unapologetic sense of feeling that overcomes you when you submerge yourself in water. It is a lifeblood of human existence. It is powerful. It is alive. With subtle nods to the raw, cut-and-paste approach from Volcom’s design roots, the refined and elevated visuals of this campaign represent the unpredictable moments you experience in water. They are simple, yet magical. They exist only for that moment and do not surface until you return. We urge you to dive into your imagination. Welcome to existence. Welcome To Water.

At the heart of this season lies a subtle infusion of dreamy 1970’s nostalgia. This story hints to the era but does not duplicate it. We focus on our love for prints of the past while also retaining a cool, modern edge. An undeniable sense of comfort sets precedence as the familiarity of these prints brings you back to a time where the swagger was effortless and the style proved to be timeless. Futuristically primitive geos are woven into the story mimicking the perfect balance of two opposite worlds. The Sun bleached effects create a faded color story that gathers warm neutral tones enlivened by pops of minty green and fiery red. Safari green, navy and black are essential in complimenting the array of color shining through each delivery. A retro fresh vibe mixed with relaxed styling creates a life on its own that is anything but a hazy dream.