Rip Curl Hell Team Reunited Online

Rip Curl Hell Team Reunited Online

Team Rip Curl’s young athletes haven’t been able to meet all together since summer 2020, or even to travel since their last trip to Bells Beach in Australia in April 2019. But there is no way they are going to miss out on the fine conditions in their home spot! For Team Rip Curl’s young surfers, surf’s up, no matter what!

Watch this little video and see the action for yourself. We’re still full of motivation and our spirits are high. It’s all about getting a blast of fresh air, rollers and good turnes to pass the time while these Groms eagerly wait to be able to meet without restrictions, travel and to surf. Welcome to the world of young talent at Rip Curl, from Portugal to England, Spain and Guadeloupe!

Meet the team:
-Kai Odriozola, 15 YO from San Sebastian, Spain
-Hans Odriozola 13 YO from San Sebastian, Spain
-Matias Canhoto 13 YO from Peniche, Portugal
-Lukas Skinner 13 YO from Perranporth, Cornwall, UK
-Enoha Le Pieres 13 YO from Guadeloupe, France
-Tya Zebrowski 10 YO from Hossegor and Tahiti, France

Welcome to paradise. EP.1.

Welcome to paradise. EP.1.

Welcome to the tropical paradise that is Hawaii… swaying palms, sunny skies, warm sand, blue water… and perfect waves. For the past few days, this is where the Rip Curl Women have found themselves – situated in one of the most iconic houses on one of the most wave-rich stretches of sand in the world. The Rip Curl House at Off The Wall, smack dab in the middle of Oahu’s North Shore.

The women are here with one goal – to take on everything that The North Shore throws their way. So far the Pacific Ocean has been a mixed bag, with changing swells and strong winds making it tricky to find those diamonds in the rough. But the women were up for the challenge, and between the protected corners of Freddyland through to the daunting and shallow break at Off The Wall, the ladies found gold.
With the help of fellow Rip Curl team rider Rosy Hodge, and local legend Rip Curl Hawaiian Team Manager Kekoa Bacalso, the ladies had a crack and dug deep on their first days of the trip.

In this episode of Rip Curl Women Take on Hawaii, you’ll get to meet the ladies and learn a bit about the surfers that make up the Rip Curl Women’s team. Stay tuned, because swell is on the way and we’ll be dropping a new episode very, very soon.

Introducing Luke Swanson!

Introducing Luke Swanson!

Introducing Rip Curl’s latest explosive junior talent, Luke Swanson! Enjoy his debut video-edit featuring the high-flying sensation launching airs all over his home turf of Oahu’s, North Shore. Luke’s been groomed on the peaks of Rocky Point, which perfectly suit his mixed bag of talents above the lip and in the tube.

Rip Curl Grom Search 2019 UK Series

Rip Curl Grom Search 2019 UK Series

The Rip Curl Grom Search returns to the UK for a two event series at the end of the summer taking place in Watergate Bay, Cornwall and Jersey in the Channel Islands.
Entry is now open via for Watergate Bay (August 31st / September 1st) and for Jersey (September 7/8th) Results from both events will count towards the final rankings.

Rip Curl Grom Search is a competition exclusively for young surfers under the age of 16 with its own unique character. A friendly, inclusive and competitive set of events which represents a barometer of talent at the top end as well as providing an introduction to competition surfing for many groms. For this years’ events the overall winner of the U16s Boys and Girls Division will get a golden ticket to the International Final which traditionally takes place ‘Somewhere’ in Spring the following year. Last years UK winners Will Masterman and Alys Barton both travelled out to compete in Costa Rica.
An important addition in 2019 is a European Final which offers a final wildcard spot to the International Final. This will take place in Peniche, Portugal just before the Rip Curl Pro Portugal WSL event in October 2019. This event is exclusively for those surfers who finish 2,3,4 or 5th in the U16’s Boys and Girls divisions.
“The Grom Search series has proved a real stepping stone for many UK groms over the years. There’s a solid history of our surfers doing well at both the European and International Final and Im excited to watch this years’ series unfold. Having an event in Jersey makes it feel like a mini tour and it’s a great experience for all involved. See you all at the kick off in Watergate!” (Joel Gray, Rip Curl UK)
Competition will be open to Boys and Girls in Under 12, 14 and 16 Divisons.
Watergate Bay, Cornwall – 31st August /1st September (backup date 28/29th September)
Jersey, Channel Islands – 7/8th September (backup date 21/22nd September)
European Final. Peniche, Portugal – 14/15 October
International Final. ‘Somewhere’ – Spring 2020!


Rip Curl and The Wave Announce Partnership

Rip Curl and The Wave Announce Partnership

Above: Rip Curl rider, Nikki Van Dijk trying out the WG Cove technology at the demo site in Spain.

Rip Curl, one of the original surfing companies, and inland surfing expert, The Wave, have announced that they are teaming up. The partnership, which sees Rip Curl supply all the wetsuits for The Wave’s first destination, was revealed as the company marks its 50thAnniversary.

The Wave is currently building its first inland surfing destination in Bristol, UK, and when it opens in the autumn it will be the first place in the northern hemisphere to offer the ground-breaking Wavegarden Cove technology. The team has a site agreed for The Wave London and a roll-out plan for several other destinations in the coming 5-10 years.

Rip Curl will be providing its ‘Surf School Steamer’ wetsuit model for the Surf School, which is one of the most durable and user-friendly wetsuits on the market. There will be a wide range of sizes in both female and male suits, so that all visitors get exactly the right fit for them. The Wave will also have a number of Rip Curl’s Dawn Patrol suits available. These are particularly flexible and performance-focused and are aimed at intermediate to advanced surfers. There will also be opportunities to test Rip Curl’s latest wetsuit technologies at the Rip Curl Test Centre.

Nick Hounsfield, The Wave Founder, said:

“We are excited to be partnering with Rip Curl to make sure everyone is well suited and booted at The Wave! We spent a long time researching every type of wetsuit and wetsuit manufacturer, to ensure we got this essential partnership spot on – both from a product perspective, but also in terms of finding a company that has the right fit with our ethos and what we want to achieve at The Wave.

“Fifty years on Rip Curl is still constantly pushing to be at the forefront of innovation, in terms of wetsuits and surfing. There is a definite synergy with The Wave. The adventures and entrepreneurship that drove the founders at the start of Rip Curl are very similar to that which sparked The Wave.”

Rip Curl is a company run by surfers for surfers, and its key brand philosophy of ‘the Search’ still runs deep. The Search is the driving force of the brand; it describes the quest and need to travel and discover the lifestyle of the oceans. It’s the idea of adventure, looking for and surfing good waves, having a good time and then getting up the next day and doing it all again.


Matthieu Lefin, Rip Curl Europe President, said:

“Since the first time we met with The Wave team, we felt immediately that it was going to be a great partnership. Both companies are willing to go beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking and practice – it’s a perfect way for Rip Curl to push the ‘Search’ even further forward!”

Rip Curl will also be offering a complete collection of apparel and hardware in the surf store at The Wave. This will include its new organic range, Salt Water Culture, which covers men and boys and is a global initiative to use organic cotton and recycled yarns across all the products. The women’s range will also include innovations such as Econyl in the swimwear, which is made from regenerated nylon yarns. There will be a dedicated wetsuit area, offering a comprehensive range of wetsuits to cater for all, from our top-end Flashbomb Heatseeker to our entry level Omega wetsuit.

As the Ultimate Surfing Company, Rip Curl supports an international team of riders, including two-time World Surf League (WSL) world champion Gabriel Medina, three-time WSL world champ Mick Fanning and two-time Ladies WSL world champ Tyler Wright. It also supports UK crew, including Britons Ellie Turner, Harry de Roth, Seth Morris and some up and coming juniors. The high-performance training opportunity that The Wave will offeris something that really appeals to the elite ridersand some of the world’s bestsurfers will be dropping into Bristol soon!

Sean Harris, UK & Ireland Country Sales Manager, sums up:

“Rip Curl are stoked to be teaming up with The Wave, and supporting their project to bring the latest Cove Wavegarden Cove technology to the UK. The vision, passion and dedication of the team involved is inspiring to see and Rip Curl looks forward to developing a strong and long lasting partnership with The Wave.

“It’s an exciting time for us, marking 50 years in the industry, and an incredible time for surfing with the 2020 Olympics on the horizon and massive developments in wave-making technology and inland surfing. Our elite team can’t wait to try out The Wave and we can’t wait to welcome your visitors to Europe’s newest surf destination!

For more information on The Wave visit For more information on Rip Curl visit