Welcome to the tropical paradise that is Hawaii… swaying palms, sunny skies, warm sand, blue water… and perfect waves. For the past few days, this is where the Rip Curl Women have found themselves – situated in one of the most iconic houses on one of the most wave-rich stretches of sand in the world. The Rip Curl House at Off The Wall, smack dab in the middle of Oahu’s North Shore.

The women are here with one goal – to take on everything that The North Shore throws their way. So far the Pacific Ocean has been a mixed bag, with changing swells and strong winds making it tricky to find those diamonds in the rough. But the women were up for the challenge, and between the protected corners of Freddyland through to the daunting and shallow break at Off The Wall, the ladies found gold.
With the help of fellow Rip Curl team rider Rosy Hodge, and local legend Rip Curl Hawaiian Team Manager Kekoa Bacalso, the ladies had a crack and dug deep on their first days of the trip.

In this episode of Rip Curl Women Take on Hawaii, you’ll get to meet the ladies and learn a bit about the surfers that make up the Rip Curl Women’s team. Stay tuned, because swell is on the way and we’ll be dropping a new episode very, very soon.