With computer programmes, vivid imaginations and love for tinkering our shapers are committed to a life of playing with foam. Add to that the fact that these days anything goes and you have world of amazing constantly changing shapes. So whats new for 2015…we thought we’d better find out!

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Carve’s 20th anniversary performance surfboard guide!


Since Carve was invented in 1994 we have seen radical changes in attitudes to board design and production methods. Once it was one board for everything apart from Indo and anything else life threatening, PU construction, hand shaped to order, and ready when it was ready… Today the whole industry has transcended to one of dynamics, minuscule tolerances and daily design tweaks. We even speak of volume in our specifications. In issue 151 we speak to some of Britains and indeed the worlds, top shapers to get their opinions on subjects on everything from where surfboard design has been and where it is heading featuring 70 models, tips, reviews, pitfalls, how to buy, and shaper interviews.

Of course with huge variety often comes confusion. The boards are there, but what is best for you? To answer this question we have enlisted the owner of one of Britain’s best surf shops, Trevor at Down the Line, to dish out timely and unbiased advice. Click here. And on top of that right here we have an endless supply of those most sought after objects of desire; surfboards. Well what are you waiting for? Dig in and check out over 70 surfboards