Gift Inspiration for Surfers

Not sure what to get your surfing sibling or friend and lacking in inspiration? Don’t worry we have hand picked our favourite Christmas gifts for surfers, there is something for every budget. Whether you want to go big with a high tech watch which can track their surfs, to the ultimate Christmas stocking designed with surfers in mind, we have got a little something for everyone. Check out our inspiring gifts for surfers:

Rip Curl Search GPS Watch – Black

In at number one, we have come in with a big guns with the Rip Curl Search GPS Watch! A watch for those who live for The Search. A big gift we know but this is the ultimate surfers watch, need we say more! With GPS tracking, sharing capabilities and 1,360 tide locations, you will put a big smile on any surfers face with this gift.

Quiksilver Miss Dollar – Black Leather Wallet

A simple, easy but very handy gift to give. Everyone needs a wallet and this 100% leather wallet from Quiksilver is bound to be well received on Christmas morning.

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Sex Wax Christmas stocking

The ultimate Christmas stocking for any surfer. A big favourite of ours here at Carve, packed full of everything a surfer needs:

2 x Bars of Sexwax
1 x Sexwax Air Freshener
1 x Sexwax Pot and Wax Comb
1 x Solarez Mini Travel Kit
1 x Creatures of Leisure Leash String
1 x C-Skins Sticker

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Surf Ears 2.0

Practical presents don’t have to be dull and boring. These Surf Ears 2.0 will not only help prevent the dreaded surfers ear but they have been designed by surfers for surfers. They keep the water out, without compromising hearing.

Stance Surfing Legends – Occy

Now we know socks and pants are a pretty cliche gift at Christmas but if you’re going to buy any socks this year make sure they are the Stance Surfing Legends series. Super comfy, cozy and the perfect thing to chuck on after a surf.

Koalition Fins – Blue Gradient Fin 8″

This solid figure glass fin with colour inlay will give any longboard extra drive. A versatile fin, that can be used as a single or a 2+1 fin on longboards. Add a pop of colour to a longboard with Koalition fins.

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Rip Curl – Surf Series Welded Backpack

The perfect addition to any surf adventure. Waterproof with a 25 litre capacity, it has been made with surfing in mind. This backpack will either keep you kit dry and protected or any water from you wet wetsuit contained. With a roll-top closure and fully welded seams, this is an awesome bit of kit for any surfer.

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CARVE Burgundy

A post winter surf must have for any surfer, it has to be the beanie. So why not make it an exclusive Carve Magazine beanie. A simple design, no fuss, no fills just a comfy hat to keep any surfers head warm after shredding their local break. Also a complete bargain, this hat won’t break the bank.

Billabong – Vaper Camo Changing Robe

Changing robes make surfers lives so much easier when getting changed in a beach car park, making slipping in and out of you wetsuit hassle free. Super cozy and soft, doubling as a towel and changing robe, this robe is guaranteed to make any surfer happy on a cold winters day.

Surfers Ear and how to avoid it

Words by Corinne Evans / Images courtesy Surfers Ears

Spending hours upon end in the surf and wind can feel like an exhilarating experience but it doesn’t come without risks and all this water time can cause serious damage to your ears if you’re not careful. If you haven’t heard of surfers ear before and you surf all the time you should really give this article a little read. 

Surfers ear is an irritation from cold wind and water, which causes the bone surrounding the ear canal to develop a bony growth, which begins to constrict the ear canal. It can develop without you even being away and has very little signs and symptoms until it’s too late and you have to get it operated on. 

It doesn’t sound great does it?!

Fear not there’s one really simple and effective way to reduce your risk of developing surfers ear and it’s easy. Wear earplugs!

SurfEars 2.0 and case copy

Most surfers know they should wear ear plugs but don’t because they don’t like the feeling or how they look. It’s time to leave these feelings behind and invest in a set of plugs that will keep your ears happy and healthy and allow you to surf all year round. Earplugs have really come on over the past few years and there are some amazing ones on the market that won’t break the bank or irritate you in the surf. 

Our top picks for ear plugs for surfers are from a brand who have dedicated their time to keeping your ears happy; Surf Ears endorse some of the worlds best surfers, so if it’s good enough for them they’re good enough for us.

Surf Ears have developed a range that not only keeps water out but they also let sound in! We love these earplugs; they aren’t too bulky and sit in your ear nicely without sticking out too much. The fact that you can still chat with your mates in the line up makes these earplugs that little bit better than some of the others on the market. 

Surfers_Ear_Discription Surfers_Ear_Surfer4

Don’t leave it too late; no one wants to have time out of the surf because of something that could have been easily prevented!

Wear earplugs people, your ears will thank you for it.

Get your Surfers Ears HERE

High Tide, A Surf Odyssey


Breathtaking landscapes, remote and desolate places, the highest waves, the most spectacular jumps and a story of surfing to the ends of the world. A photographic homage to surfing in extreme conditions, made by an international surfer and his team. High Tide, A Surf Odyssey follows the surfers in their epic journeys and achievements in the most diverse land- and seascapes. This book portrays the ultimate battle between the elements and mankind: the water and the waves against the board and man.

Searching for wild, remote destinations and offbeat landscapes, Chris Burkard portrays the humble placement of the human in contrast to nature. At the age of 28, Burkard has established himself as a known name in the surf and outdoor industries.

High Tide, A Surf Odyssey’ is available
at the Carve Shop, SHOP HERE.

Chris_Photography2 Chris_Photography3 Chris_Photography1

WAXTRAK – Surf Waxing Innovation

We’re stoked to have this new product on the Carve Shop. It’s a revolutionary surf wax traction product called Waxtrak and it’s new to the European surf market for Spring 2016.

WAXTRAK is an innovator of wave-riding traction who’s first product release is a patented, easily removable vinyl sheet with raised traction patterns that create a stylistic foundation for the perfect, high-performance surf wax job.  WAXTRAK is a mess-free and effective way to get wax on and off surfboards, intended to be changed each time old wax needs to be removed.  Every pattern is designed to create unique and evenly distributed wax placement that does not flatten out over time.  A variety of patterns, graphics and collaborative artwork give personality to surfboards and elevate the surfing experience, in and out of the water.


Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 17.15.42

WAXTRAK Co-founder Collins Harrell commented, “The response we have gotten from the surf community so far, has been great!  Surfers of all ages have had fun getting familiar with our first product and learning how to use it to create the perfect wax job.” 

Click here to see the range at the Carve Shop.