Words by Corinne Evans / Images courtesy Surfers Ears

Spending hours upon end in the surf and wind can feel like an exhilarating experience but it doesn’t come without risks and all this water time can cause serious damage to your ears if you’re not careful. If you haven’t heard of surfers ear before and you surf all the time you should really give this article a little read. 

Surfers ear is an irritation from cold wind and water, which causes the bone surrounding the ear canal to develop a bony growth, which begins to constrict the ear canal. It can develop without you even being away and has very little signs and symptoms until it’s too late and you have to get it operated on. 

It doesn’t sound great does it?!

Fear not there’s one really simple and effective way to reduce your risk of developing surfers ear and it’s easy. Wear earplugs!

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Most surfers know they should wear ear plugs but don’t because they don’t like the feeling or how they look. It’s time to leave these feelings behind and invest in a set of plugs that will keep your ears happy and healthy and allow you to surf all year round. Earplugs have really come on over the past few years and there are some amazing ones on the market that won’t break the bank or irritate you in the surf. 

Our top picks for ear plugs for surfers are from a brand who have dedicated their time to keeping your ears happy; Surf Ears endorse some of the worlds best surfers, so if it’s good enough for them they’re good enough for us.

Surf Ears have developed a range that not only keeps water out but they also let sound in! We love these earplugs; they aren’t too bulky and sit in your ear nicely without sticking out too much. The fact that you can still chat with your mates in the line up makes these earplugs that little bit better than some of the others on the market. 

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Don’t leave it too late; no one wants to have time out of the surf because of something that could have been easily prevented!

Wear earplugs people, your ears will thank you for it.

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