Surf Maroc


Surf Maroc was founded by two friends in 2003 with 5 boards, a few old wetsuits, and an even older Transit van. With no grand scheme or master plan Surf Maroc have grown organically through demand and popularity. Shaped and nurtured by the desires and needs of the guests and under the inspiration of those who work here.

“We’re obsessed with surfing and yoga, but it’s the people who work with us and just as importantly, the people who stay with us, that create the special atmosphere that makes Surf Maroc what it is.”

Today, Surf Maroc operates a collection of three epic oceanfront locations, each of which is conceived solely to provide surf and yoga holidays and run by a professional team of people who are passionate about hospitality. Expect amazing waves, delicious food, great weather, beautiful accommodation and people, and good vibes.