Is there a better feeling than arriving at an airport, getting your board bag on a trolley, and wheeling it into Departures knowing that once you’ve negotiated check-in and security you’re this *does fingers 2mm apart mime* close to going on a surf trip somewhere really far away?

The anticipation of any long-haul trip is half the fun. You’ve done the research, you’ve scoured the guides, you know where you want to go and the good season. Then it’s just a case of finding a flight with a reputable surfer-friendly airline (check for our annually updated guide to the good, the bad and the ugly) and sorting some sweet digs. On that side we can help you also as the folks you’ll see in these pages are some of the best in the biz.
From that point on it’s getting suncream, tropical wax, and all the stuff we don’t ever need at home. Followed by weeks of dreaming about water warm as wee, surfing just in bikinis and/or boardies and the best waves of your life.
Travel is good for the soul. Sure long-haul isn’t doing you any favours when it comes to your contract with the planet to be a good citizen, but you recycle and do everything you can in all other aspects of your life right? Plant a tree or two when you get back. Everyone needs a holiday after all, and in a lot of the poorer parts of the world, your tourist dollars are helping folks on the bottom rung get a leg up. If we all stop travelling the world will be a poorer place for it.


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