Raglan, New Zealand

The Perfect Wave
Location: Global

Be it a self-drive van adventure to discover the wonders of New Zealand. A trip to score empty barrels in a secluded Pacific ocean outpost surrounded by coconut palms in Papua New Guinea, the Salomon, or the Caroline islands. Or an all-inclusive charter boat to the remotest reaches of the Indian ocean cruising through the crystal blue waters of the Maldivian or the emerald green line-ups of the Indonesian archipelagos. The Perfect Wave’s surf experience specialists are ready to set you up with the trip of a lifetime, every time. They will also guarantee you get the best price possible.

We are the world’s number one surf travel network with fully vetted partner resorts and surf experiences in the most popular destinations on the planet, and plenty of others that you’ve never heard of, but will be frothing to tell your friends about as soon as you get back!
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