Seek Select Frontzip – Premium Line
The Seek Select level combines high-tech materials for ultimate warmth and stretch. These premium wetsuits feature Graphene Lining, which is an incredible heat conductor and makes sure you stay warm on the water. Made for the toughest conditions, ION added Graphene_Plush throughout the torso and legs. On the outside ION introduce Max_Flex to this high-end wetsuit. The new Max_Flex material is featured across all arm and shoulder areas. Freedom of movement is key, no matter if you paddle or hold on to your rail. To improve flexibility in this crucial area, ION uses a new rhombus-shaped outside lining. Thicknesses: 6/5mm hooded, 5/4mm, 4/3mm 3/2mm. Colours: Deep Sea.
RRP:3/2mm £559.99

Seek AMP Frontzip – Flexible lightweight
The Seek Amp stands for an epic stretch without compromising warmth, making it the perfect wetsuit all year round. Flexibility is key in ION’s 2022 wetsuit range. Featured across all arm and shoulder areas of the Seek AMP, Max_Flex offers superior stretch in the body part you need it most. The Rhombus-structure allows the material to have the same stretch with almost 30% less power required. Without compromising warmth, flexibility equals less pressure on the forearms hence longer lasting grip power. The frontzip version is available in four thicknesses and three colourways. Thicknesses: 6/5mm hooded, 5/4mm, 4/3mm, 3/2mm. Colours: Black; Petrol, Tie-Dye Limited.
RRP: 3/2mm £389,99, Tie-Dye £399.99

Seek Core Frontzip – All-Round Prime
Seek Core wetsuits offer premium performance for an affordable price. For 2022 this allrounder was upgraded with Plasma_Plush thermo lining throughout the back area. The result is a more durable and flexible wetsuit. Due to the looped structure, Plasma_Plush inside lining traps more air. The result is an insulating layer for increased warmth and plushy comfort. The front zip version makes sure there’s nothing to interfere with your paddle power. Highly durable nylon in the leg and torso area makes the Seek Core a very robust companion for your adventures. It is available in three thicknesses and two colourways. Thicknesses: 5/4mm, 4/3mm, 3/2mm. Colours: Black; Grey-Camo.
RRP: 3/2mm £279.99


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