The Demibu by Phil Grace was an idea he had to make life a bit easier and cut his malibu in half. All that board is sometimes hard to carry down the beach and unless you have roofracks not too easy to transport. Not to talk about airline charges!!!! So he cut a malibu in half and now you can enjoy the sensation of noseriding on a 5’6. Don’t hold back have a Demibu this summer! We added this to our LC6 range as this will be a popular surfboard in both PU and EPS.
RRP: €699

Purple Haze
Purple Haze by Grace. Back in the early days of surfing the guys and girls that knew what speed was about wanted harder rails and V bottoms. Speed, glide and 1 fin. No pumping, no flailing of arms, speed, glide and pure stoke.
RRP: €699


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