Surfing is a solitary pursuit. It’s you against, or hopefully, working with Mama Nature to get your stoke inducing dose of the glide.

Surf trips with a crew of you are always a logistical challenge. So imagine if not all of the folks on the trip are a) actual surfers or b) small people. It’s an exercise in three-dimensional chess finding a surf holiday that keeps everyone happy. But it is possible.
Holidays with kids and the fam in tow can be the best or a total omnishambles. It’s all about being organised, tolerant and open-minded. Surfing is a selfish sport, we all know this, but it’s also about consideration. Some waves are better than no waves so if you get to surf and keep the whole family happy then that’s a win. There are plenty of safe, mellow, comfortable places a family can all have a great break at without it ending up like a scene from Super Nanny. Like any group trip making sure everyone is having a good time is vital.


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Family-friendly surf holidays are the fastest growing sector in surf travel but can be one of the hardest for clients to book. They are a considerable investment for many emotionally and financially. There are a lot of boxes to tick. Such as:

• An average family has one, two or three surfers of various standards – and one or two non-surfing members destinations, so destinations have to be multi-functional and not just a jungle hut surf camp of old.

• Non-surfing partners are reluctant to go on ‘surf trips’ so have to be persuaded resorts will cater for their holiday too.

• Waves have to be good, accessible for intermediates and under 18s.

• Resorts are best on the beach or very close to waves. You don’t want the faff of rental cars or piling in vans.

• The weather is all important. Bronzing by the pool with a good book is an option on bad surf days. It’s a holiday after all.

• The Carve family surf guide aims to take the worry out of booking and offer a one-stop source of information with long haul and short haul destinations familiar with the needs of family groups.