Tang Fish
A free-flowing aquatic creature that will enable the rider to feel everything a classic fish can offer. However, the Tang has been modernized to incorporate every sensation modern surfing can provide. The belly of the fish has a slight single concave blending to a slight double, then low vee in the tail. An easy low entry rocker for paddling and immediate takeoff speed with a low straight rocker for trim. With medium-full down rails and slightly pulled in fish tail. This fish is wide for the glide! If you are fishing this summer hook a Tang Fish, it won’t disappoint.
RPP: €669

Chocolatine was named after a localised South-West French breakfast croissant and in particular a reference to the world class surf spot “La Piste”. Designed firstly as a model to drop into barrels and hold your line, we soon realized the board was a bit more of an all rounder than just this and it quickly became our best seller for a number of years. It is an evolution of “The Pie” with a pulled in tail to handles hollower waves. The Chocolatine is a world traveller. If you can only afford one board this year, the Chocolatine is it! An ultimate all rounder for the general surfing public.
RRP: €679

Taken from a high performance shape that was tested by pros we added volume where we could. It’s a wide point forward style all rounder. Suited to capable surfers, those maybe lacking fitness and unable to surf every week. Loads of drive and hold and maintains speed with minimal effort. This board is designed for older experienced surfers so the dimensions represent this. If you have one board, this would be it. Classic 80’s style beak nose to bring volume forward. Volume under chest and back underfoot make this board very user friendly. Great allrounder and perfect for a one board surf trip.
RRP: €649


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