Carve Surfing Magazine

Carve Magazine Issue 220

Dec 5, 2023

The new issue is out. You can get it delivered to door for by hitting this link here.

Well, what an autumn that was.

I don’t think we’ve seen so much swell around so much of our coastline for quite some time. The highlight for many was Storm Cierán that, apart from battering the Channel Islands, seemed to produce all-time swells across the UK – from the South West to North Wales, to Bournemouth and the south coast, to Cromer and the North East, and even Scotland! What we love about putting together a print mag is being able to collate epic shots from the UK surf photo community and record these epic times for posterity. So, that’s what we’ve done, with a huge gallery celebrating our communal stoke.

Speaking of stoke and the hold it has over us, also in this issue, Tristan Bransby tells us his story of aqua addiction, which started when his dad – also an aqua addict – took him surfing at the age of just three. What’s interesting about this is that, not only is it a common thread that all of us will recognise, but it also reflects the changing demographic of surfing. For it wasn’t long ago that surfing dads were rare, but now Tris – at 42 – is out charging with his Pa. Not only is this commonplace these days, I think it enriches our culture. A while back rippers over 30 were rare, but now we have the full range from under 10’s through to surfers that can hold their own in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s. Quite funny when you’re hanging down the beach and the topic of conversation can go from TikTok virals to hip ops in the blink of a cataract.

The autumn swell and the rich diversity of the surfing generations isn’t all we celebrate in this packed issue. We also catch up with Tom Lowe, who’s eventful 2023 has ended with an Eddie invite. A surfer born and bred in the UK, who has honed his skills in his homeland and Ireland, invited to the world’s most prestigious contest. What a a massive achievement.

Plus two of our favourite photographers – Chris Burkard and Luke Gartside – take us on the road. Luke reporting back from a European road trip through three wave-lashed regions, and Chris sharing his most valuable lessons learnt from a life of exploration in coldwater destinations. It’s not just about the places you go and the waves you ride, it’s the people you meet on the search , that makes surfing life so special.

Hope you enjoy!