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“HELP US STOP THE OLYMPICS FROM DESTROYING THE REEF!⚠️ As we and @matahidrollet warned about weeks ago, the preparation for the upcoming @paris2024 olympics is already destroying the coral reefs in Tahiti! Yesterday, a barge planned to use for building a controversial judging tower for the Paris 2024 Olympic surfing competition destroyed all coral heads on its way and breaking its propeller during the highest tide of the day. This barge is supposed to carry an aluminum tower that will be planted on the reef for a three-day surf competition for the Olympic games of 2024.”

Locals have long been predicting widespread damage to one of surfings most precious eco systems by the Paris committees controversial judging tower and yesterday fears started to come true.

‘This destruction happened an an empty barge with zero construction yet so there’s going to be CATASTROPHIC reef destruction if we don’t speak up RIGHT NOW! Please use your social platform for good and share this sad post with your followers and tag people, ocean lovers, celebrities, influencers & news media who need to see and share this as we MUST speak up for this marine life before it’s too late.”

If Paris 2024 don’t take locals concern seriously at what point do the surfers boycott the event? Is an eco disaster and it’s ramifications worth a couple of medials?