Think you know Twin Fins, think again, Markie Lascelles gives us the lowdown on his favourite, featuring the sliding of Noah Lane.

Carve caught up with Markie recently, you can check out the full interview from the link below.

There has been surfboard factory behind the cliffs in St Agnes since around 1986 when Chops Lascelles first set up shop there. In the early 90s he moved he operation down the road to a new purpose built premises Wheal Kitty workshops. As with the old factory it was a centre of surf community, both local and international. A place that gave many local lads their breaks in industry, where the Lascelles groms were often better behaved than the adults! After the passing of Chops the factory continued to operate as Laminations, and then as Open. When Open founder, Mark Anderson sadly suddenly passed away late last year the factories future was somewhat serendipitously placed back into Chops son Markies hands. It was an opportunity and at the same time a challenge. But so many bricks had fallen into place, it felt to many who know the history and family well, to be time.

last month Markie opened the doors and there is a Lascelles shaping and making surfboards in Wheal Kitty again. The original graffiti on shaping and glassing room walls and doors is still there respectfully preserved by the factories care takers, there is an uncanny dense of deja vu looking through the shaping bay window, and somehow it all just feels right.

Read the full interview from the link here.