Sidmouth in Devon, England, and I’m sure locals will agree, is not a big wave charger breeding ground, but one of it’s groms Adam Amin had a dream inspired by a photo of Shane Dorian charging Jaws, so he chased it.

This video kicks off his story from the beginning.. except it’s not… His real story is:

• He was born in Exeter
• Got kidnapped (with his brothers) aged five by his Saudi father who took everything from his mum and ran off home to SA.
• His mum, and legend does not do her justice, became the first women to win a Saudi custodial case in history got him and his brothers back to Devon.
• Sidmouth local Guy Russell, got him surfing a 13.
• He then went on a mission, which has led him to making his bags and heading off to surf Jaws at 19.

His full story is here

There are a lot of great stories out there of big wave surfers coming from ordinary backgrounds, but this, surely takes the proverbial biscuit, and is well worth a follow to see where Adam ends up.

So here’s his first EP in his series. Kind of the beginning…

Got shout out his mum, Helle Poulsen. What can you say? And Guy who set him off on his waterman journey.

(Read her a book ‘Reunited in the Desert’ by Helle Amin)