Carve Surfing Magazine

Carve Magazine Issue 214

Sep 20, 2022

The new issue is out. You can get it delivered to door for by hitting this link here.

Welcome to issue 214. Another volume of Carve dedicated to getting you stoked on the stories from the British and Irish surf community, but mainly to encourage you to run away from most 9-5 responsibilities and make the work/ life balance work in your favour!
If there is one thing I love about putting together the mag it’s stories of random happenings that lead to success. In this issue we have two. Firstly the story of a surfer from St Ives who’s life choices and a random Christmas gift from his mum led to the invention and subsequent runaway adoption of dryrobe® as a national fashion. It’s a hell of story and one that has a lot in common with many surfers and the entrepreneurial spirit that chasing tides and swells breeds. The second is how a lad and his girlfriend from Bude have ended up running one of the world’s most famous surf camps. They just went away for winter and end up as the bosses at HT’s. Bleddy brilliant.
The other great thing about print is that we get to properly showcase the amazing photo talent of the UK and Irish surf communities. We kick off with a former Porthleven grom who now shoots his home break with style, and we have our annual photo comp. We had hundreds of entries this year and it’s just a pleasure to go through them all as they come in, although pretty tough choosing which ones to feature. Digital is great for many things, but showing off class photos, not so much.
This issue we also have a lot to amp you up on the travel front now that the world is pretty much open. Cue stories from remote WA and NZ, to a bunch of lads from South Devon going on their first trip to Nias and a crew scoring to a luxury yacht trip in the Maldives complete with bio luminescent dolphins.
So dive in, and get inspired!