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Carve Magazine Issue 176

Feb 13, 2017

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The surf world is all mapped out right? There’s no more exploring left to do… Well pard best serve yourself a big cup of ‘nope’. The location of the wave you see on the cover, and in all its glory on this spread, is known to all of four people. Yep. Four. Loose lips ain’t sank no ships. We’ve no idea where it is, but assume it might be Africa. But it could be anywhere that’s got a sandy coast and is toasty warm. Namibia’s Skeleton Bay*, and further up the potential in Angola as evidenced by Kepa and some of the Saffas, are all recent additions to the surf consciousness. Long, thigh-burning, mind-blowing waves all and definitely worth the adventure to go find them.

Which gives you hope if you’re jaded by the same old same old and crowds at your local. And it’s not just far flung exotic places. There are plenty of places in the British Isles that are rarely surfed. You just need to put in the effort to get past the easy option of spots with a car park and a cafe right out front. A decent pair of hiking boots and an OS map and you’ll be surfing by yourself before long. Even well trodden spots like Portugal, we didn’t score that hard as it was a bit of a ghost swell, but even near Lisbon and Peniche we surfed super fun waves without another soul in the water. Like anything the more you put in to something the more you get out of it. Surfing is an addiction, and once you’re hooked there’s no escape. But the addiction is easy to sate. Explore, look around the next corner, new horizons, fresh experiences, make the most of your surfing life. At home and abroad there’s so much to do and see. Go find it… Sharpy Editor

* Word from the Namib locals is the longshore drift that created the sandbar of infinite GoPro barrel dreams is digging holes in the bar. So the points not connecting all the way down. But even in sections it’s still stupendous.

Ain’t No Wave Pool – Mick Fanning on #TheSearch by Rip Curl

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