Carve Magazine Issue 175

Dec 15, 2016

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The people in this issue have all chosen life. From Mick Fanning who tasted the steel of life’s double-edged sword and decided he had to escape to see the world and trace his roots to his father’s land. Dan Ross and Al Mackinnon who travelled off the beaten path on a whim and scored solo perfection. William Aliotti who flew to Sao Tome and found kids making skateboards from the lumps of wood off packing pallets and surfboards from plywood. Then there’s legends like Rabbit Bartholomew and Simon Anderson who dreamt of and invented a new way of life in the face of doubters and haters so they could surf all day, every day, and still rip to this day.

You have one life but as a surfer you have infinite choices. The wave riders of the past turned their backs on a society that didn’t understand. They went out to explore the world, meet new people and see new places. They broke down barriers and climbed over walls ignoring cultural stereotypes, skin colours, race and religion. They recognised that diversity just made life more exciting. As a result the surfers themselves became interesting, and eventually influential, right to the point where everyone wanted the T-Shirt.

Right now there is a whole lot of ridiculous stuff happening in the world. So it is a time of choices. You can accept what haters and the power hungry tell you or you can make your own mind up and do your own thing. We hope you can do what everyone in the mag did: make the right choice and try to live your dream.