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Vissla Dream Steeple premieres


Visual’s new film Dream Steeple has cool tour going. Starring Eric Geiselman, Bryce Young, Brendon Gibbens, Cam Richards, Derrick Disney, […]

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Posted 4 days ago by steve england

Witness this first hand…


Big wave surfing is being thrust into the media limelight and is doing wonders for the perception and awareness of […]

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Posted 6 days ago by steve england

Car Sleeping Blues


There was a time, back in the day, when sleeping in your car was the done thing. We thought nothing […]

Fresh from the sea


Zac Haynes and Richie Sills enjoy an undisclosed beach in WA

Posted 8 days ago by steve england

The Leafcutter


Is there more to life than just cutting leaves? This true life story of Ant will inspire you to explore […]

Posted 9 days ago by steve england

Gabriel Medina Takes Fiji!


Gabriel Medina (BRA), 2014 WSL Champion, claimed an emphatic victory today at the Fiji Pro, besting current Jeep WSL FrontrunnerMatt Wilkinson […]

Posted 9 days ago by Sharpy

Tubular Treats at the Fiji Pro…


Did you see the Fiji Pro last night? After a full week’s holibobs of lazing in hammocks drinking brightly coloured […]

Posted 10 days ago by Sharpy

72 Hours In Australia…


Last week’s “Swell of the Decade” east coast low documented over three days on the south coast of NSW featuring […]

Posted 11 days ago by Sharpy

Tectonic Temptations … Harry Timson


Harry Timson and Lakey’s are growing in to that comfortable relationship that Reubs used to have. After a few winters […]

Posted 14 days ago by Sharpy

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