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The Safety Dance

Big Waves

There have been a couple of incidents in Ireland recently requiring coastguard assistance. Helicopters rescued a stranded surfer from the […]

Surfing With Icebergs…


It’s no secret Iceland is a spectacular joint. No wonder Top Gear film there all the time. Come dive in […]

Stay High!


There’s a few brands that are intrinsically connected with surfing. They’ve been there through thick and thin. Sure there are […]



  A thunderous couple of sessions at Mavericks from last week. The Eddie is going to be on later in […]

Clay Marzo tweaks out in West Oz


Clay Marzo reminds us why he disappears into the outer reaches of Western Australia for weeks on end.

Posted 6 days ago by steve england

Louie’s left – The Search


There’s an old saying that goes: “Before you get the princess, you have to slay the dragon”… In this story […]

Posted 10 days ago by steve england

Kelly Slater wins Volcom Pipe Pro


In which Kelly Slater beats Bruce Irons JOB and Makia in pumping Pipe. How good is this man? Kelly Slater […]

Posted 11 days ago by steve england

Just like Pipe?


When Joan Duru commentated that he had ‘..been surfing a lot of waves like this at Quemao.. ” after getting […]

Posted 12 days ago by steve england

Vissla to launch eco friendly wetsuit


Vissla is joining the advancement of the relatively untouched category of eco friendly wetsuits with launch of their newest wetsuit […]

Posted 13 days ago by steve england

Adrian Fernandez de Valderrama


17-year old Adrian Fernandez de Valderrama bust his leg in the mega Mex swell last year. He’s been getting back […]

Posted 17 days ago by Sharpy

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