// World Travel Guide 2018 //

Time to pack up, travel and surf the world

If you’re psyched on getting out of the same old routine at your local and expanding your surfing horizons then you’ve come to the right place. While going full feral deep into the Indonesian jungle is the apex of surf travel most folk don’t have the time or inclination to do so.

Mainly because no one likes death by a thousand mozzie bites. There are easier ways to get some warm water juice and expand your cultural palate. Not to mention meet like minded souls and drink fizzy beverages with them. Picking where to go on our big blue marble is a question of time, budget and inclination. Do you seek a good variety of fun waves in the old world with a healthy side of culture and tiny coffees that are so strong you can see through time? If so maybe Portugal is where you should gravitate to. First timer just starting out on your lifetime of surf travel with a hatred of bread that fits in toasters? Then France is so close you can almost shout to your family at home. The next step once you’ve mastered Europe is a whole other continent. Which is pretty scary first time but you don’t know until you go and Morocco is the ideal jaunt to tick off continent number two on your list. Adventure awaits in the dusty land of endless point breaks as do many tagines and staring matches with camels.If water so warm you needn’t bring a wetsuit is more your vibe and you have a fascination with curry in myriad mouth pleasuring forms then Sri Lanka could be ideal. As with pretty much any destination there is heaps to do away from the beach and more culture than you can shake an Instagram stick at. Surfing is a travel enabler, it’s the reason to go but not the whole deal, always remember to explore away from the surf. Of course some people fly over all of these places and head straight to Indo, along with Hawaii it is the most legendary destination in all of surfing. It’s no surprise when there are crazy good spots from the islands off Sumatra all down the archipelago through the joys of Bali and on further east. It’s somewhere you have got to explore…Handily we’ve got some nice folks who know these places well and can help you make the most of your precious time on the lam. Figure out where you fancy taking your surfing to the next level and hit them up for more info. Travel is good for the soul. Do it. Now.


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