Winter Travel Guide

Do you stay and suffer the slings and arrows of the brutal British winter or do you jet off into the blue yonder to find adventure and sun burn in the tropics. It’s a question often decided for you, family, job and commitments can hold you back. If these things aren’t a pressure and you’ve been a good little saver all summer then why the hell not let the doors at Heathrow slap you on the ass as you bolt from the cold.
Getting away from our damp little islands is something you need to do. Maybe not every year but at least every other. A welcome dose of vitamin D keeps you healthy. A few weeks or months of vitamin S (surfi ng) keeps you fit, healthy and ready to power through to the spring. The world is the small mollusc of your choice. Once you’ve sprung for the airfare. Do you fancy the consistency of Central America, reliable old Indo, joining the crowds in Oz or exploring further afield in NZ, Japan or Africa.
There is surf everywhere. Hell, it’s the prime time for Hawaii as well, somewhere you need to check out at least once in your surfing life. Catching the Pipe Masters is an awesome thing to do. If it was us we’d be booking January in Indo (just after the prices drop and the crowd leaves after the Christmas and New Year busy period) and then February in Central America. Fun waves every day and little things like Swedish backpacker surf camps full of Scandinavian hotties make Costa Rica and surrounds a very good place to check out.
Of course there is the rest of Europe as well. Endless potential on our door step which has the benefi t of being a much cheaper flight away or drivable if you love a motorway. So what are you gonna do? Get the winter kit sorted and brave it at home? Which can also be an epic option if the surf delivers. Or get sniffing around Expedia for flights to the warmth? Whatever you decide here are a few suggestions for places to check out and make your trip that
bit easier.