Winter Surf Travel

The days are getting short, the temperatures heading south, all while your rubber gets thicker. This is the way of things and as it should be. But. There is another way friend.

You can break the program and surf in sunshine without the thickest wetty you own, even if it is for just a week. A winter getaway might just be what the doctor ordered. A killer way of breaking up the cold season at home and getting a much needed dose of sunshine and warmer waters to keep you going. The world is the mollusc of your choice.

You can go long haul to the Tropics or European. Long haul costs but the water’s warmer and everything is that much more exotic. Europe is cheaper but not so much surfing in boardies. The joys of winter travel await you it’s just a question of deciding where you want to go and what level of comfort you want when there. You can just get a room and explore on your own or go all in and join one of the many class guided camps where they’ll drag you and like minded folk to the best spots for the day and let you just concentrate on your surfi ng. For a quick week or two it’s a defi nite option. For a longer stint then exploring on your own is prob the way forward.

So what do you want? Point breaks and culture in Morocco, seafood and a myriad of surf options in Portugal, lava reefs and moonscapes in the Canaries, ‘Pura vida’ and classy beach breaks in Costa? So many places to surf. So many countries to tick off . What are you waiting for?!

costa rica