Winter Escape Travel Guide


How good does a winter escape feel?

Squinting into the bright sunlight pulling on that thin wetty, walking into the warm ocean, no boots, no gloves, no hoods letting the first waves caress your face and staring down in the clear blue sea. As much as we love a big winter swell, we also love a winter escape. One or two weeks away from the cold battering winds and darkness, three surfs a day, laying on the beach and light nights (7 o’clock yay!).

Europe, Morocco and the Canaries have long provided that escape. Once the surf bus was packed and the journey would begin in September moving south along the coast following the sun and adventure along the way. You needed time though, and that wasn’t always on everyone’s side. These days with lots of flights opening up anyone can get away and even weekend breaks are feasible if you live near enough to the right airport.

In this guide you will find some of the better camps from the once major stop off of Figuira de Foz in Portugal, to the Algarve and the perennial favourites of Fuerteventura and Morocco.
Check them out, hit the flight websites and book yourself a winter trip. You’ll be glad you did!