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5’7" x 22" x 2 5/8" • FINS: Future quad with single box • finish: Resin tint orange, glossed and polished • Price: £649

The Watershed Mini Simmons is a modern take on the ever popular Mini Simmons. Inspired by Bob Simmons original design, this short, wide template is a regular sight in many line ups. Tweaked for today, whilst holding onto its width and thickness, we have added a quad fin setup and even a single fin box. The quad gives the Simmons speed and performance while the single fin option allows you to experiment with almost endless options. Whether you’re looking for a true groveller or a traditional twin fin Mini Simmons, our Simmons will cater for all surfers. Usually ridden from 5’0" – 6’2" in length and 22" wide x 2 5/8" thick.



9’2" x 22" x 3" • FINS: Glass on wooden rainbow fin • finish: Gloss and polish • Price: £799

The Captain is our classic longboard that can be enjoyed by anyone on any day. With a wide, scooped nose, a square tail and low rocker, the Captain paddles easily and catches waves with minimum effort. A traditional noserider, the captain oozes old school style and glide but don’t be fooled by its loggy nature, pop in a Mikey De Temple MD3 fin and you’ll soon be cutting a figure of eight on a bigger, cleaner faced wave. If you enjoy spending your time at the nose, a traditional keel fin would be your perfect choice.
Quite simply, whatever your style, the Captain needs to be in your quiver of boards.