The Volcom Modulator 4/3 CZ
Volcom isn’t new to This… For decades we have built nearly every variation of a wetsuit for all conditions and temperatures. Calling on our expertise from years of creating some of the most technical products for surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding….wetsuits are truly in our DNA.
RRP: 4/3mm chest zip £295.

The Volcom Modulator 4/3 CZ Hooded
It’s with harmonious pride that we present The Volcom Modulator Wetsuit. A sleek design with clean branding, quality materials and unique features. Built to modulate your temperature while enhancing your comfort and performance.
RRP: 4/3mm chest zip with hood £320.

The Volcom Modulator 5/4/3 CZ Hooded
Our expert design team in collaboration with our surfers have plotted, planned and challenged every single detail using top-notch materials and techniques. After countless sessions of research and development in some of the harshest environments in the world, welcome to the maximum comfort in water… the Volcom Modulator Wetsuit.
RRP: 5/4/3mm chest zip with hood £340.


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