Home Grown: Chris Levi

Chris Levi – Winter in Kernow

Well, my name’s Chris Levi and I’m based in sunny old St Austell in Kernow

I’m nearly 34 now and been surfing in the sea since I was a kid. Started off doing stand up but been bodyboarding for the last 18 years due to wanting to surf the heavier waves we have on offer, getting barreled as much as I can and having fun in shorebreaks!

I got into film making about six years ago and I was hooked ( more on the editing/producing side of things ). I started off producing bodyboarding films/edits for fun but that has progressed to all fields of wave craft.

Over the last few years my body is starting to show it’s age and I find myself filming more and more now due to injuries/surfers ear and getting more picky in my old age! I still love bodyboarding more than anything but the waves have to be right and im just trying to be more careful ( not that it’s working ha ha! ) So now when the waves aren’t right for me and there’s a good standard of surfing going on, I find myself sitting at the beach/reef filming away waiting to get back home to see what I can produce. I’ve learn alot by my mistakes in the past and I’m set to do bigger and better things in the future ……

porthleven 2010 from chris levi on Vimeo.