Home Grown: Becky Finn Britton

Becky Finn Britton • North West Ireland

Conor Maguire a Bundoran grom, but not for long. Soon he’ll be setting off on the next chapter of his life with the end of school and the beginning of much more; a time when surfers tend to disappear off the surfing map.

It was filmed by Becky Finn Britton, one of THE Britton clan from North West Ireland

Beckey-Finn, from the North West coast of Ireland, is a filmmaker and longboarder. She hails from the Britton surfing family in Donegal where life evolves around the sea. Most of her film pieces evolve around the same thing.

She fell in love with filming when she was about 12 after her mom, NC, bought a video camera for video analysis for her sister, Easkey and herself. She hasn’t stopped shooting since. It started off with home movies of the family surfing and escalated from there. The end product of years of experimenting and learning on the go is Bexter Productions, her film making presence on the web.

She does everything and anything from video analysis work to short film pieces involving various issues in the surf world including the conditions surfers face, the transitions in different stages of a surfer’s life and perhaps most importantly the issues the ocean faces itself with pollution, fracking and human interference.

When it comes to surfing she aims to do it as well as her dad, Barry. Finding shortboards just too small for the crazy drop-ins and charges down the line. But, most importantly it’s all about the party waves when it’s time to cruise at her local break in Rossnowlagh with all the family.

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