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As much as we bang on about the delights of overseas travel in CARVE there are plenty of options that don’t involve the faff of a passport. There are myriad options for surf staycations in the UK and Ireland. It’s not a humblebrag to state we have one of the most spectacular and varied coastlines in the world. So you really should visit as much of it as you can. Tripping at home is an ideal way to get your training wheels off when it comes to surf missions. Figuring out the essentials to bring before you try and somehow make your board bag weigh less than 20kg is all good practice. It’s also a really good idea if you’ve got a family. Bung everyone in the car and no matter what the weather it’s family fun time. Always wet in the sea ain’t it? So rain or shine you can have beach days. Our shores are also some of the best for learning to surf thanks to our generally mellow waves. The only trouble is figuring out where to go.


The traditional surf coast of Devon and Cornwall alternates between sandy bays and towering cliffs from Woolacombe down through Newquay and on to Sennen. Wherever you pitch up there’s going to be a surfable beach not too far away. Rounding Land’s End to the south coast the surfable spots become rarer but the coastal beauty increases, hard to believe but it’s true. Right up to Bournemouth you’ve a good shot of waves if Mama Nature is cooperating and if not there’s heaps of other salty fun to get stuck into. For the more adventurous Scotland and Ireland are the go. Again sublime coasts await and the crowds are that bit thinner. Sure the water temp is a notch down but with modern wetsuits our sea temps are no bother any time of year. It’s up to you how much adventure you want but check in with any of the operators featured here for local knowledge and class service that will help you make the most of your break

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WHEN TO GO: All year can be good. Summer holidays are busy but outside of peak season it’s a just a question of spotting a chart. Autumn is traditionally prime time.
AIRPORT: Newquay (NQY) or Exeter (EXT) for Cornwall and Devon. Knock (NOC) for NW Ireland, Inverness (INV) for Scotland
ACCOMMODATION:  See our recommended guide over the next few pages.
LANGUAGE: English is the default but don’t shy away from trying to learn some Cornish or Gaelic.
CURRENCY: Great British paaaaaands in the UK and Euro in Ireland.
WATCH OUT FOR: Our islands are thankfully generally hazard free. In the water watch out for loose boards or out of control learners.
BOARDS: For most sessions your standard shortboard and a floaty back up for the small days.
RUBBER: 3mm in summer and early autumn, 5 or 6mm in winter and spring.
AFTER DARK: We are the king of pub and food options are increasingly cosmopolitan on the coast. In Newq’s Tom Thumb is the joint for those that appreciate class drinky poos.
ALTERNATIVE EXCITEMENT: Coasteering, hiking, kayaking there are heaps of outdoor options.
ESSENTIALS: A good attitude and some patience in the summer.