Home of heavy tubing waves, fabulous scenery and has easy access. A scenic road leads to the pretty village of Mundaka, located in the very south end of an estuary , this basque village is now a celebrated surfing spot and attracts wave riders from all over the world.

Mundaka is a dream left hand barrel and possibly the best river mouth wave in the world. When the tide is low, the wind is southerly and the swell hits 4-6 feet these conditions help create a barrelling tube which can be ridden for 150-200m. To avoid crowds for someone who is visiting the best time to hit the water is mid-tide and rising. Just further along the coast in the area of Bakio there is a choice of breaks on sand, rocks and further to the west a selection of reefs, sand bars and powerful beach breaks. The Cantabrican Coast on the north of spain has numerous big north westerly swells which produce a good sized wave. Galicia has Europe’s biggest swell window and the jagged coastline means somewhere will always be offshore, it has up to 200 swells a year but they are frequently disorganised and messy. If the swell is small and clean it will produce a well formed wave in La Mina. Campelo is crowded in the summer because it is a consistent break but it doesn’t like high tide.

Camping is immensely popular in Spain and there is a good selection of sites to cater for their needs, every beach town has at least one camp site, prices average at around 2-3 euro‘s per person. As you approach the larger towns and in some large beach towns you can find private rooms to rent which is a very cheap option, prices for a double can be as low as 18 euro’s. Fondas, Pensiones and hostales are a popular and cheap option for accommodation roughly the same price as a private room. Hotels and Paradores are widely spread around spain and are at the top end of the price scale for accommodation in Spain. Pre-booking is the best option for anyone staying in hotels.

The Spanish are renowned for their cuisine and you may find yourself learning to eat all over again. No one else in Europe knows how to have a good time quite like the Spanish do whether it be a night out in a big city or a colourful village fiesta its likely to provide you with the most memorable moments of your trip.

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