Make it Happen!

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How to bust free on a trip of a lifetime

Words: Steve England

Funny thing happened the other day. Someone said to me, “Yeah, your travel articles are good, but I’ll never be able to go to those places.” Kind of stunned me a bit, because most the trips we do in CARVE are done in two weeks and on a budget. These days with amazing air links every surf spot on the globe is accessible, so why not go on an adventure this winter? Here’s what you’ve got to do to make it happen.

1. Prioritise. So you’ve only got two weeks holiday? There’s a hell of a lot you can do in two weeks. I went to Tonga for a week once on a whim! Decide that you’re going to break free of your nine-to-five mindset and follow your dreams. You can sit in the pub wishing and watching DVDs of everyone else having a good time any day of the week, but why not live it instead?

2. Research the destination and flights thoroughly. Know everything from the airport taxi rates and hire car options to where you’re going first, the breaks and a bit of lingo. This all saves time, hassle and gives you the confidence to make it happen.

3. Set a realistic target date for you to save, get fit and learn the lingo, then work towards it.

4. Budget. You can be anywhere in the word within 48 hours, but sometimes the flight can cost. This trip is your dream so cut down on the drink, Sky TV, magazines, Jaffa Cakes. You can easily spend £30 on a Friday, spend ten and you save £20. That £20 will buy you two days accommodation and food in Bali.

5. Earn the cash. If you have to get a second job or work overtime, do it. Life don’t come cheap or easy to anyone. It may take a few sacrifices but you can make it happen. Tick off the cash on a chart as you save it. It’ll show you how far you’ve come and motivate you to save more.

6. Hook up with like-minded people. All my mates and the surfers I hung with as a grom travelled, so as soon as I could I wanted to travel too. It was no big deal, it was what every surfer I knew did. They’d already given me half the info in their travel tales, but more importantly they made me realise that I could do it too.

7. Book it. Sounds daft, but actually paying up is a huge psychological barrier. Once you’ve booked and paid a deposit you’ve got to go.



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