Grajagan, East Java

surfing in east java

Situated miles from anywhere in the East Java National Park, G-Land is the original surf camp setup. Even though the prime season is April to September, winter can still be a good time to go since there are waves all year round and less visitors at that time of year.

The waves Thanks to three consecutive years of epic Quiksilver Pro contests, G-Land can now lay serious claim to being the best wave in the world. A mile-long chain of left-hand reefs, the waves at G-Land range from long bashable walls at Kong’s to high-speed barrels at Speed Reef. With waves up to 12 feet, no channel and several hideously shallow sections, G-Land isn’t a place for the faint-hearted. Pack your reef boots, a nice sleek mid-length gun and a helmet, ‘cos you’ll need ’em all!

Accommodation A week at the new Jungle Beach Village (Djojo’s Camp) – where the pro’s stay for the Quiksilver contest – costs US$370 per person. The package includes as much food as you can eat, hot and cold drinks, and (most importantly) five cold beers. Additional nights are pretty reasonable at $40 per night.

Food and drink Plentiful amounts of western and Indo style food and drink are provided.

Nightlife Five free Bintang beers!!

Don’t miss Getting barrelled off your nut.

Hazards Direct contact with the reef is the most common danger at G-Land. Malaria is the other big worry. Then there are tigers, snakes, stonefish and various other crawling, creeping and slithering pests to think about.

How to get there Fly to Bali (around £468, with Garuda Airlines), hop on the G-Land minibus which (eventually!) gets you to Grajagan Village, then take the G-Land speed boat to the camp; these transfers are included in the package prices above.

Additional info For detailed info about the waves see The Surf Report volume 9/6. For info about Djojo’s camp contact the owner, Djojo Sunjoto, by fax on 00 62 31 5313073 or e-mail: [email protected].