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How to arrange a boat trip

Boats tend to run trips with five to ten people on board. Make sure the crew you’re going with all get on. You’ll surf six hours a day, but be on board for 18. There’s no escape from tossers and if you’re on there for a minimum of a week…well, you can imagine!

Make sure your crew are all of similar abilites. No point arguing about whether to surf a three foot peeler or a ten foot reeler every day.

Pick your spot. This depends on your ability, the season and the type of surf you actually want to get. The Indo boat trip is for intermdeitate to advanced sufers. It’ll take two weeks (minimum two days travel and 10-12 days on the boat). The Maldives is just as lush but slightly softer and easier to get to from the UK.

You get what you pay for. Boat trips are expensive but you get a boat, all food, drinks, a guide, fuel and so on. Some boats have top chefs, air-con lounges, good showers and will really look after you. The lower end of scale…well, it’s basic to say the least! Remember you’re on a trip of a lifetime and you’re stuck on a boat for 12 days. Pay as much as you can.

Pack light. All you need on a boat are boardies, t-shirts, a light top and your rashies. Add your travel/airport clothes for the full package and that’s it.

Equipment. Surf in Indo varies from shoulder height to double overhead. No need for fish or massive guns, just boards that go well in clean barrels. Indo also snaps boards for a laugh. If you’re a charger take four if you can: a normal board, a semi gun and a gun, plus a spare of the board you think you’ll ride most. If you can’t afford it, take a normal board plus a good semi-gun like a 6’8”. Extra leashes, really good sunblock, reef boots, and some vitamins are a must.



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