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Dims: 5′ x 18¾ x 2¼ – 25.28ltr

The HRT is another surfboard which has some of the characteristics developed for the Dragon Fly model. The main design aspect is the deep single concave which runs through the board with added vee coming off the swallow tail. This gives the board extra speed allowing it to turn on a dime while still maintaining control. This board is midway between a high performance shortboard and a groveller.
Full Spray.
RRP: £1050 (from £700)

T&C Retro Fish
Dims: 5’6 x19½ x 2½ – 30.72ltr

Oldy but a goody. Increasing your flow status by 100 points. Glenn Pang offering this traditional fish that works well for the days when you want to go fast and feel the flow. Turns well and is responsive relative to other fishes. Best for point waves or lined up reef waves that allow you to draw out smooth round turns with big pumps in between. Popular in the past and still popular today. A great addition to any quiver.
RRP: £1050

Dims: 5’5 x 19½ x 2 3/8 – 28.64ltr
Fins: 2+1 or twin set up

A modern spin off of the Saint, the SINR is the newest addition to our twin fin line up. It’s great for any surfer looking to ride a fun & lively twin fin in waist to head high surf. The SINR has a deep single to double concave that lets the board carry a lot of its own speed in smaller surf. A deep single channel exiting out the tail also adds a lot more drive and makes it less likely to slide out than a traditional twin fin.  Should be ordered 3” to 4” shorter and 1/2” to 3/4” wider than your standard shortboard. The SINR is also available with Venturi channel. This creates more lift and speed if that is what you need.
Full spray custom.
RRP: £1000 (from £750)

T&C Bullit
Dims: 6’10 x 20¼ x 2 9/16 – 37.9ltr

The Bullit is our version of a fun board! We make it with width and thickness that allows the board to float like a longboard but still turn like a shortboard. It has a slight double barrel concave with vee through the tail.
Full spray custom.
RRP: £1200 (from £ 800)

T&C Pro Model
Dims: 9’0 x 22 x 2 5/8 – 57.81ltr
9’0 x 22¼ x 2¾ – 61.21ltr
9’0 x 22½ x 2 7/8  – 64.91ltr
9’0 x 23 x 3  – 68.51ltr

This board is narrow, thin and light which makes it extremely fast. Designed with the advanced rider in mind, it has a lower nose rocker and extra tail with more edge. The entire board is pulled in, especially on the tail and nose. This allows you to turn as hard as you like. If you are a skilled rider who wants to nose ride but also get a little radical on your board then this is a perfect fit.
Double spray, red cedar stringer.
Square tail or rounded pin.
RRP: £1400

T&C Beach Boy
Dims: 9’0 x 23 x 2 7/8
9’2 x 23¼ x 3 – 72.8ltr
9’4 x 23½ x 3 – 76.5ltr

The Beach Boy by Tommy Tanaka is a single fin nose rider for those classic summer days. If you like hanging toes over the nose then this one is for you. Rocker in the tail allows for smooth turns when you need to get back to the power source. Paddle this board out when you want to get steezy and soul arch your way through bottom turns. Most of our team riders have this one in their quiver.
RRP: £1400


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