TK hacks – Taylor Knox comes to town!

Video Chris Levi/Carve

Taylor Knox man of roundhouse, a flawless J Bay attack, man hacks and 22 years on tour visited the UK on Saturday. 14 years after he last set foot on our shores the legend hosted a day of Reef activity including the “Get your hack on #justpassingthrough Grom day”, the World Premiere of the new Reef film Exit and the launch of the M.W. for Reef collection at Watershed surf shop.

To say the groms frothed out was an understatement. They came from all over the country got their caps signed and went rampaging into the sea, then came back out for more selfies and signatures.

In the evening, after TK had been taken on a tour of Skinners Brewery, the crew and more reassembled at the Carn Marth for the world premiere of Reefs new film. Then after the over 18’s all rolled off to Watershed to check out a collab between Reef and world class Japanese designer Masafumi Watanabe.

All up a great day was had by all. Have to say it was amazing to see a legend of Taylors standing back the UK, Rob Machado being last over two years ago. Hopefully we can convince more brands to bring over more legends and take them to more venues. Good work Reef!

Here’s a gallery. Tag your bad selves #carve #carvemag #justpassingthrough

I love Taylor Knox

While we are not quite sure about that moustache, we are definitely fans of the TK smooth power turns that, has to be said, we have missed at J-Bay over the past few days. If you have missed him too fear not, for here is a little clip by Nick Pollet just to sate your desire for a few roundhouses, swoops and carves from master himself.